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  1. No mention of The Wonderful 101 makes me sad
  2. What's the difference between Lorule and ALttP's Dark World?
  3. Oh my. Someone's a tad sensitive. Going back to Pikmin3, it amazes me how a game as brilliant as this will sell around 23 copies while the next CoD clone will sell a million times more
  4. It is. Just finished it. Owning a WiiU and not owning Pikmin3 should be punishable by only having Brushfire's posts to read for all eternity. Seriously awesome game!
  5. Just stopping by to say that Pikmin 3 is awesome. Good bye.
  6. I really don't understand all the praise this game is getting. It is good, but some people are selling it as the second coming of Christ. The only noteworthy parts are the beginning (the ascent to Columbia was awesome) and the end (yay! Rapture!), the middle is just meh. It's an "enter a room, kill everyone, enter the next one, kill everyone there" (the Good Time Club "trial" is a perfect example, completely unnecessary) loop broken by Lizzie's angsty moments. I played in Hard difficulty and found Vigors to be quite underwhelming. Like Crowbar Man, I used only Murder of Crows (for people) and
  7. Hey guys, got a XL a couple of weeks ago, my friend code is 2165-5672-9768. I've only got Luigi's Mansion so far, though.
  8. I was very underwhelmed after my first listen. I was expecting Discovery-levels of awesome and it didn't quite deliver. Some tracks are awesome some not that much, The Game of Love and Instant Crush, are the worst tracks IMHO. But I've since listened to the whole album quite a bit of times and I must say that it has completely grown on me. The Pharrell/Rodgers tracks are awesome and the Moroder one is specially cool, even though it seems I'm listening to Schwarzenegger for the intro. I think RAM can't be compared to any of Daft Punk's previous albums it's just something completely different.
  9. I think they charging you for playing used games is much worse than lack of backwards compatibility... Microsoft confirms pre-owned fee for XBOX One
  10. The only thing this presentation did was redeem Nintendo in my eyes. The Wii U may be a disaster so far but at least they're TRYING to do something new and different.
  11. This. "Oh noes! If I skip the gym today I won't get points! D:"
  12. Never heard of this website before, looks awesome, thanks for the heads up. Just joined the OCR group, let's see how it goes!
  13. Not sure if troll or just batshit crazy.
  14. This, basically. It's not like I hated Red Steel I was just... disappointed.
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