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  1. Nah you don't have to vote or anything, I've meant to send you these things for a damn long time. Haha.

  2. http://www.zanrai.com/strike911_remixes.zip

    Let me know if this link works for you. It's pretty big, about 300MB

  3. My bad!!! I just checked my messages and saw that you asked about those tracks two months ago. Sorry about the late response! Yeah, right now the site isn't up and I had every intention of getting them reuploaded. I need to get that host back up and running. >_

  4. Yeeeaaahhh.... my website is little offline at the moment. lol.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words!! :]

  6. Do it man. It's sounding pretty sweet.

    Yeah, I've been working almost exclusively on music for a game for the last few months. I've been wanting to get back into remixing, so I might start making some new stuff soon. Haha. >_

  7. Dude, that track is badadss! I really like the modifications you made to the originals melody and the arps. And the delay effects you have running sound really cool! Good stuff man!

  8. My bad. Sig height adjusted.

  9. A year ago you said you were going to send me a Corneria WIP... I demand it now! ! ! ! !

  10. Thanks man, glad you dig everything. I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, send me a link. :)

  11. Hey, thanks. Yeah one of the first 20 remixes I made was an old Cradle remix from GoldenEye. If that's the one you're talking about then it's probably the one I made Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. lol.

    I appreciate the kind words.

  12. Yeah man, that'd be awesome.

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