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  1. This remix does an excellent job of capturing the outright goofiness of this game. I particularly like how the screams and thunder go along with the happy bouncing beat. I remember playing the game now. And how frustrating the end levels were.. And then I start screaming...
  2. Well, Mr. DJ Pretzel, heres to things we think we should have never done!! This is an amazing piece of work. Very upbeat and catchy and definitely worth downloading. As in now.
  3. I didn't see any mention of this one, but I may have skipped over it by mistake. Those who have played Star Ocean 2 will know who I'm referring to: THE ISCERA QUEEN!! @#$###@@#@!@!!!!!!! After a good solid hour of pounding her with four lvl 255 characters she STILL did not die and managed to kill all four characters almost simaltaneously (or at least within four to five seconds) with ONE MOVE!!!! ARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Ugh. I still haven't beaten her.
  4. Even though the previous notes on this site are old, Ifell complled to add one. I'm new to his site and a hick to boot. I'll forgive you... As soon as I can stop laughing. Excellent stuff.
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