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  1. therefore, and i don't wanna offend or anything, we're expected to BUY a copy of this on CD rather than expect a FLAC Torrent download or something like that?
  2. i have a suggestion for this album. try incorporating some of the styles you've used in in the previous Donkey Kong Country album into this one. maybe you could try mixing a matching just a little bit.
  3. ereagah forgive me for asking but this isn't going to be an arrangement of THE ENTIRE FINAL FANTASY IX SCORE (excuse the locked caps) is it?
  4. erm OverClocked Remix can the Intrepid Ibex Ubuntu Studio provide any of the LMMS feature's outta the box? i mean is there anything besides Ubuntu Studio that you'd guys recommend?
  5. yeah hi erm you guys know of something close to FruityLoops that i can try out for Linux Mint 6 Felicia?
  6. yeah great. ewreagh you wouldn't happen to know if there was a scheduled release date of the title itself wouldn't you? just curious. i'l give this album a listen though. should sound great. great job all round guys.
  7. if this is a late call i'm sorry but i've found a way of how to have this Project in one large file (WAV, MP3 OGG Vorbis, eetc.) for anyone who'd like to know how this is done, all you need is Audacity and the project in whatever format. 1. Open Audaicty 2. Open the first track of the album on one window and the second track on another window (for this example 01 - Protricity - Premonition Of Fell Purpose (Title) and 02 - Vigilante - So It Begins... (Intro Theme) 3. on the second track (mainly the second window with Track 02) click on EDIT point to SELECT and click on ALL or press CTRL+A to select all lines of that track. 4. Click EDIT again but afterwards click copy or CTRL+C. 5. on the first track (mainly the first window) paste the selection of the second track just in front of the first. that way you'll get something like a track that's about 6m:12s long but with the first two track on it. 6. then open up the third track in another window and repeat steps 3 and 4. you should then have a very long track about 15 minutes long. 7. repeat steps 3.6 with the other tracks and you should end up with the SMProject in one non-stop file.
  8. i know Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream was a huge success but i'm not sure if this should be a follow-up that's the same size you know what i mean? but of course Final Fantasy VIII has an excellent score like Final Fantasy VII but rearranging the entire score? i'd say good luck to thee. it's really not gonna sound good.
  9. so you dislike the things i've said in my reply then Another Soundscape? if so i do apologise dearly.
  10. i agree with you on that one, Lotd2242. all the artists who work on this project should be paid in full credit where it's due. i mean i'm always a fan of OverClocked Remix fer a number of years and i've heard alot of remixes from that site and i gotta say the ones i think are the best are on this project. although i've heard many other porjects in the past (and if i had a favourite outta those it'd be Chrono Symphony because of the way it's orchestrated. one thing to note about Final Fantasy VII Voices of the Lifestream however , and i've onlyheard the first 13 tracks of it, is that there are a good number of elements and styles that really blend in well. and for the orchestrated tracks like Jeremy's entry in the project, "Valse Aeris", most of the time pieces like those tend not to bother with the orchestral sense of balance for the most part. indeed outta the tracks i've hard so far, the one that almost put me to tears is Darangen's Kweh! arrangement of the Chocobo Theme. sounded just as cute as the one composed fer Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales DS. nice hard rock coming in from norg and SnappleMan with their Full Frontal Assault arrangement of Fighting! Nobuo Uematsu did his first Rock score with Otherworld fer Final Fantasy X and since then he's made the idea to arrange past Final Fantasy scores in the Rock/Instrumental element and norg and SnappleMan paid a great tribute to that idea with Full Frontal Assault. nice job you two. Jeremy Robson produces some amazing orchestration. i wonder though if Mr. Robson got an actual Symphony Orchestra to record that Valse Aeris track or was it actually synthesized to SOUND like an acutal orchestra? anyway his previous arrangements are beautifully orchestrated and Valse Aeris is an entry that's sure to add to his masterpiece. overall the project really stood out fantastically. 45 Tracks, 4 Discs, 3h:26m:25s total playing time, i'm sure anyone who has witnessed the original score would appreciate the sheer brilliance of this project. Andrew Averser, Mr. zircon, what you did was an absolutely astounding job of coming up with the idea for this project. to all of the artists who contributed to the project, i take my hat off to you. David W. Lloyd, Mr. djpretzel, if you really don't mind me asking what sorta tools or software did you use to create the cover art fer the album? those images look professionally crisp and well done. nice job on the homepage too. to the entire team excellent job.
  11. heh i belive this can be finished in time fer the Chinese Olympics in 2008 . still it should work out fabulously though.
  12. why can't the main soundtrack be in one CD instead of two? it's about 77 minutes isn't the main soundtrack?
  13. i hope you guys won't murder me for hurrying you guys up or anything but when do we get to see a final hosting date for this project?
  14. i'm not trying to hurry you guys up or anything, just tryna understand why there still hasn't been anything since the co-ordinator was away.
  15. now what's wrong with making apoint there? that was really not what you were really gonna say there Paul R Charles Watkins. sides you really look like a little raggamuffin yourself.
  16. i agree with Mr.Luso Rocket there you guys need to step it up a little bit more.
  17. 3 days until the due date and yet thee STILL hasn't been any progress no offence?
  18. previously i posted that we're over the due date. i found outthat my calender was set wrong, i was wrong, my apologies. also on the point on getting previews in how many are you looking to get in until the hosting starts?
  19. actually we should've got the things in exactly on July 7th. we're already way past that date, today's the 25th of July, what's going on here?
  20. my suggestion would be to give it a go if you can.
  21. there still hasn't been any word on the project thus far?
  22. then i'd like to suggest 2 or 3 things even though i'm not in this thing? 1. better get the job done then guys. the Project Co-ordinator's not gonnabe please if late entries are submitted. 2. better think alot harder then 3. try to come up with at least a 2 or 3 minute track in a least 2 to 3 days.
  23. i'm not saying i'm against this but c'mon! don't you just think you're being too harsh on the guys you've hired for the job?
  24. too bad he can't schedual anything on time though. still i'd love to see what everyone's got in mind fer the project. should be a great work of art.
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