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  1. Sixth Flying Man is right, I noticed a lot of great tune that are so short . This one is the best remix for Metroid! Yes, I have to admit everything is perfect except for it's short T_T. Also, I wonder if some1 would remix the song when u fight with Mother Brain in Super Metroid. It's darn scary and cool, makes u want to fight Mother Brain all the time while he eye-lasering you. Gotta love Super Metroid !!
  2. Yup, You're not alone can be considered as 1 of 2 best songs in FFIX, and this remix is...GREAT! I usually hear my brother play it on his computer whenever I'm home from school .
  3. Golly, this song is just darn good. I've never liked metal b4, but this changed my view ...so u gotta to know how good this song is. I told everyone that Terra is the best song to make remixes, and look, here u go, this remix is one of them!
  4. This song is just one of my favs!!! Soooo good, listen to it when you go to sleep , it's what I do.
  5. This is my #3 fav song in OC_Remix website! Golly, I've been loving Cid's theme and hope some1 would do a great remix on it. My hope came true with this one, I love it! I usually heard this remix b4 I go to bed, it made me sleep well for some reason ...it's like u can hear the music song afar in your ears. Gotta love this song people!! My brother is has a very strict taste with music, and he even liked this one .
  6. This is my #2 fav song in OC_Remix website. First time I heard it, I didn't quite in love with it but I still remember its melody. So like a couple of months ago, I came here and download it again. This time, I really listen to it and it's getting addicting. Really cool remix, I'm just so envy with composers and remixers, how can they make such good musics ! My little sister and my brothers all love this song the 1st time they heard it! U can never get bored with this song =D. Hey, I rarely comment on songs unless they're real good. So this is a must-have for your FF collection! Even if you don't like FF music, you'll love this one. I let some of my friends hear it, they love it!!
  7. This is my #1 fav song in OC_Remix website, so mesmerizing and sounds funky which is never boring. This is the song that I turn on to hear the most in my life . Yes, I told my friends this tune is the best of remixes for the FFIII_VI Terra theme, which I have a collection .
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