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  1. Long live the Pancake Chef! This mix is among my favorites from this site. I also had trouble finding Thames theme in this...seemed way to ambient for Thames. Owell, works anyway. If only there were more Xenogears mixes...sigh...
  2. Hmm, I'm pretty much repeating what others have already said, but the vocals need work. Other than that, it was a fairly solid mix. Good for a little change in Terra's Theme.
  3. Yay for the first Xenosaga remix! It was definately a good one to open with. I agree, the idea of Xenosaga without Mitsuda is somewhat disappointing. I heard the composer for the .hack series (can't quite recall his name) worked on Episode II. His work was decent...but thats it. Decent.
  4. Great song, great song. The theme of desisive battle is heaven, and this remix brings out its true character. Looking forward to more from housethegrate.
  5. Yeah, this is one of my favorite piano mixes. I loved how it stuck fairly closely to the original, while still making expansions on it. Kudos, kLuTz.
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