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  1. Little Mac needs to be in the game. If he made it in Fight Night 2, he needs to be in here.
  2. I just have to say one thing. FUCK Sonic. Sonic games are awful, and he is a terrible character. People keep wanting him to be in the damn game, and I don't know why. Sonic is incredibly stupid, and I will be very angry if Nintendo decides to put him in Brawl. I hate Sonic. I hate him very much. He needs to be killed.
  3. Sorry for the constant negativity, thought I'd bring up another factor of SH that really bugged me. The fact that EVERY door is locked and/or broken really drove me insane. It not only got very annoying, but it showed how lazy the developers were too. Damn them and such. Plus the camera in all the games suck. HOWEVER, the series does have INCREDIBLE music. "Your Rain" from SH4 being my personal favorite.
  4. Hell Cloud from Dragon Warrior 7. That bitch was hard.
  5. I made it halfway through the theme park in SH3, and just lost total interest. Oh well. To each his own.
  6. I am quite open minded about video games, trust me. I've been playing them since I was 3 years old, and I'm almost 18 now. I'm all up for story, which is the main reason why I like Breath of Fire III so much. However, the story of SH3 went straight to hell when it was shown that Claudia is yet another whiny villian who had a bad childhood and has to ruin the world for everyone just because of it. I don't like my villians whiny and having no coping skills. As for the scares, I understand the game isn't action based, but the scares were just plain lame. They were just THERE. They didn't do anything. All you could do was look at them. Nothing jumped out of nowhere and tried to rape you. Everything is pretty much expected halfway through the game. A few cheap scares here and there, that don't even harm your player. All that walking around looking at a few wheelchairs, dismembered bodies, and blood-stained walls gets old fast. Either that, or I'm not scared easily.
  7. Okay, after playing Silent Hill 2, 3, 4 for a while, I must say that the series is god awful. You do nothing, and nothing happens. It's not scary, it's not fun, and it's boring. All you do is walk around, nothing comes out a jumps at you, the enemy variation is awful, nothing but all show. Just a bunch of blood stained walls and wheelchairs. *hides behind flame shield* That is all.
  8. Well, I'm not playing them all at once. I started to play 3..halfway through....Picked up 2 because I wanted to see Pyramid Head at least once before continuing...now back to 3. After I'm done 3...I'm gonna finish 2, then 4..which I haven't even touched yet.
  9. I have 2, 3, and 4. I picked up 4 today, picked up 2 and 3 about a week ago. Play them gradually, circulating and stuff. I can't find 1 though. So far, 2 is better than 3.
  10. Oh, wow. This remix is awesome...considering that's rare, because I'm usually a hard ass when listening to remixes. Great stuff, really! I love it, but I can't recognize the original song. Can anybody name it for me?
  11. You know, people only do rock covers of Castlevania songs when remixing. But you guys did it right! This remix is badass!
  12. This is my favorite Overclocked ReMix. I even had this song playing in a really dramatic dream I had once. I have problems...
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