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  1. W00t! You got it up on the forums! The WIP was awesome but man, this blew me away. Crazy!
  2. This is great. I listen to it whiule I'm doing homework, so relaxing.
  3. I know this is sad. The hardest thing I've played in a while is a LttP. It's not Ganon thats hard, its the level! If I had one more bottle I could of beaten him.
  4. Eh. It's nice and soothing, but it's not really for me. But unless I REALLY hate it, its going into my playlist. 7/10
  5. I liked it. Didn't really like the vocals though.At 1:25-1:30, something bugged me about the melody. And then it came back. Twice. Otherwise, really nice song. 4/5
  6. Orchestronic<Electrestral by far. This song warrants special credit. I can't recall the actual tune from CT, yet it is still awesome. Great transition. Going into my favs right away.
  7. Wow. I don't think I've ever met anyone gamer like that. But, I guess that makes the compliments you gave even better. I hear an awesome song and an intense feeling of nostalgia that adds to the awesomness. You just get the former. So any praise from you counts for extra! As for the actual song, aural bliss definently describes it.
  8. The Tales games have some of the best music I have ever heard. My favourite song would probably be "Be Absentminded." It's so deep.
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