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  1. Hi people! Man, I feel like I'm new here. Alright, gotta get back to work!
  2. Gotta love it! It had got a beat to it and yet at the same time a chill atmosphere. I love it!
  3. It's pretty. I still have one small request if it doesn't cause you too much trouble. Could you change the font into a more futuristic style? And maybe it's just me, but I feel there's something missing near the bottom left hand corner. Hmm I'm not sure...
  4. Thanks, you guys I just need to decide which one to use first.
  5. I came up with this, hope it's good enough. Choices!! Yeah...A quick job is not a high quality job. I've been having a headache for the last few days, and it bothers me...I guess I should stop making sigs for a while. Heh, if it's any consolation, mine didn't really turn out any better. Better than mine. Add some red in there and you're golden (Y'know, the whole "fire and ice" thing ). Bah, it looked better with BLUE fire. Trust me More choices!!
  6. Ok, let's see... I would like a sig with fire and ice as the background, and with my name on it. Whatever looks good. The shape of the sig doesn't have to be rectangular or anything square. This is why I love designers
  7. I like it. It's smooth and stylish, with a good beat. Keep it up man!
  8. Even though this is not my first post, but what the heck...Hi everyone
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