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  1. I love a lot of the music here, heck...remixes are ALL I listen to (boring, aren't I?), but MAN do I love this one. This Cool Spot remix is one of a special catagory of remixes that I call "sonic floods": remixes that start out great and then build and build into AWESOME. Remixes that just wrap you in sound and give you chills from start to finish. Some of the remixes I include in this catagory are SGX's "Drift", R3FORGED's "Thirty-plus Mix", chthonic's "Linear Groove", "Scrambled Eggman" by Braincells and Snappleman, GaMeBoX's "iMushroom, and Big Giant Circle's own "Eastern Ice Field"...among several others that escape my mind at the moment. Anyway, back to Spot! This is perfect from start to finish. I always loved the music from the special stage in Cool Spot, and had alway's hoped that someone would do something with it. It starts off light and airy, but than builds up nicely with the soft base and the drums complimenting the melody nicely. Then the little electronica bits come in and start messing with my ears...I love rapid panning that makes it feel like your brain just shifted to the other side of your head. Nice tone down at about the 2:00 minute mark, but it doesn't stay down for long building up again to the rapid synth and electric guitar near the end...Shiver inducing from beginning to end...crank the volume and base for this one.
  2. ...Seems that no-one cares...Oh well.
  3. Hi! I watching a stick figure animation, and some very familiar music started playing in one of the scenes. Here is a link to the video. At the 2 minute mark, there is a fight scene between a man with a machine gun and a swordsman. This is where the music in question begins. My brother thinks that the music is from Shinobi, but I think it's from The Bouncer...Are either of us correct?
  4. Brings back many a fond memory of throwing my entire inventory into the fireplace or giving the manticore guarding the toll bridge a broom...or was that Uninvited...anyway, me and my sister were some of the few people that actually enjoy point and click adventures such as Shadowgate, and it pleases me to no end that those off paino notes takes me back to the castle.......Damn, now I wanna beat zombies with an old salami again...
  5. This Remix just SCREAMS Sonic Adventure. I swear, it sounds like a cutscene that they removed from the game due to time constraints or something...or maybe an opening video...Anyway great,great,GREAT! This thing has a kind of quality that sounds like it's straight from Sonic Team. Awesome!
  6. I've long since memorized the lyrics...and it's DEFINATELY "[blank]your joint, I just want my points."... 8/10
  7. I can't help it, I just have to post again. Every time I listen to this, it just get's BETTER! Other people may complain, about the long intro, but I LIKE long intros!It keeps you guessing at what your listening to until the main line hits. AND I just LOVE the majestic melody at the begining, then at 30 seconds, the floor drops out from under you, sending you flying down into that deep, beautiful tunnel of sound that is...CRYPTIC MARBLE!!!
  8. I am currently watching this video with the sound turned down so that Sonik Electronik plays in the background instead...Awesome work Rayza!
  9. I CANNOT BELIEVE that I went for so long with out listening to this one. I am currently slapping myself in the face for intentionally missing out on this. I hated marble zone with a passion(...huh?) but you have opened my eyes, DistantJ! AWESOME!!!
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