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  1. Been waiting years for someone to take a crack at remixing some of the great lesser known unique to DKL tunes...And realized I'd probably have to do it myself eventually (except I have no skill as a music writer whatsoever...) So this remix is really a great treat on a Friday night after a long, stupid week. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it.
  2. I barely post, and I used to lurk the forums more, but I barely do that now too. Still, known about OCR since 2003 when the first remix albums were starting to get put up...and I've been looking forward to this Album since Rise of the Star was completed. Have always enjoyed the Kirby remixes at OCR, and this album is fantastic, easily one of my favorites (now that there are so many...kinda crazy to see how everything started from Relics of the Chozo to well over 50 albums here). Love it, will be listening to it for a long time...and just glad to see a project I remember lurking and watching
  3. I've been waiting unknowingly for this remix on OCR since I found OCR back in 2004. This mix is everything I ever expected from a remix of one of my favorite gaming tunes ever. Thanks for this one, it's really amazing.
  4. Don't post a lot, but I was lurking and saw the WIP of this a few months ago...and it turned out amazing. Good stuff here, so glad someone remixed such a big part of my gaming life growing up.
  5. Always log in to give props to these Album releases. You guys did an amazing job. Love it thus far (haven't listened to everything yet, first cd, first few songs on the second) and I've loved just about everything. Per usual top grade stuff from you guys. Thanks for all the hard work, and much, much props.
  6. Been watching this project fromt the very begining. Kirby's Adventure has been my favorite NES game for a long long time now, and I always loved the music. I heard some of the WIP's and I know for a fact this is gonna be good stuff. So Thanks and good job in advanced guys! Now time to get to work on a Kirby Superstar Project
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