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  1. nice arrangement man, great competition. I hadn't heard of you before so I had no idea what I'd be up against (I do think I've judged something of your on the panel though?).. anyway, nice work. :)

  2. hey dude. sorry for blowing up your inbox again and again. fortunately I think I've managed to get most of the work off your shoulders, I've successfully resized and placed all of the images on the templates and made most of the fixes that needed done. the one thing that is bugging me is that my front and back cover looks really dulled (mostly just the blues) in CMYK in comparison to the original RGB files, are they going to print properly or do I need to edit the coloration in order to make it look normal in CMYK? the inside covers look fine but they use a black/orange color scheme (no blue) and seem to look just fine in CMYK.

    anyway, I'll PM you one more zip with all the templated files, just so you can look over them and sorta verify that I've done everything correctly..

  3. any advancements on the PP or pilotwings end of things?

  4. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. glad you're digging the album man, track 7 is probably my personal favorite as well. :P keep spreading the word, brother.

  6. oh yeah, s'all good man, do your thing. i'm just popping my head in.

  7. btw, CONGLATURATION on winning the ISW thing, baller.

  8. just a reminder to send me that thing, I wanna get started on it as soon as I can.

  9. halc

    ah, I'm not sure, I should ask djp. I'm think we got them a while ago, but no one ever told me if we did. I've never even seen a picture of one. :z

  10. did you ever submit Caos?

  11. .. had any luck with any.. stuff?

  12. i don't know who i am anymore

  13. plz teech me how 2 mix. i herd u make good songs.

  14. look at you with your big letters and silly floating period. cute.

  15. vuvuzelda, best typo

  16. "dear, some ignorant jerk,

    nes, it is wack. all of my music is recorded live vuvuzelda and cricket legs. they can produce some really brilliant pulse waves. and i can play the bongo too, I like to use it. I thank that your my music is awesome. bye.


    the halc"

  17. what the shit man. i'm all like addicted to mystical ninja now, but the single player is fucking brutal. we have to beat that shit.

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