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  1. "Us Monkeys Together" is sung in Mandarin. Being Chinese myself, I can say that there is an English-accent to the Mandarin, but it's very bearable (I wasn't expecting there to be a Mandarin song on the album!) I've been waiting for this album since I read about it 2 years ago? I was not disappointed! My favourites from the album are: Bramble Reprise, Castle Crescendo, Dance of the Zinger, Roller Disco, and Crystal Swamp (all from Disc 2). I have to mention that Dance of the Zinger blew my Asian boxers off. I used to pause the game on that level just to let the song play in its entirety.
  2. I almost died from MSG overdose. Anyways, forums are back up. Sexy code below: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^poke.prxbx.com$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/poke RewriteRule ^(.*)$ poke/$1 [L]
  3. Nothing wrong with being Generic over being Generic =]
  4. All attachments have been saved and re-attached to their respective posts in the new forums! The permissions should be completely fixed now.
  5. I'll fix the user permissions as soon as I can today during my break, around 1:30 pm EST. Fishy, you should be able to post now
  6. http://poke.prxbx.com/forums/index.php?action=ban;sa=add
  7. Project forums have moved! http://poke.prxbx.com/forums/index.php
  8. BAA-AAA...BAA-AAA Come on, let's play some Bubbuh Buhbbuh...YUEEEE HAAAAH!
  9. Chthonic, keep up the trance! Great work. SPREAD THE TRANCE REVOLUTION!!!
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