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  1. The copyright notice was removed from my video, so they are at least truthful when they say they pulled all claims regarding that track. So a step in the right direction. But it does not address the guy that used the song to begin with.
  2. The system requirements for Diablo 3 are really not that high. I have run it on Intel integrated (HD4000) graphics before and its really not bad. You have to turn some effects off, but is certainly playable.
  3. This is why I brought it up here. Not because the claim on my video, but because of the guy stealing music from this site and using as his own. I would not be surprised if every song on that album was stolen, styles on it are all over the place. I just hope you guys can nail him for it.
  4. Yeah a bit of looking around on YouTube and there are a lot of people with false copyright notices. Or others that have had notices where the song do match, but were being used by somebody else that should not have been using it. I guess the question is should file a dispute. I can leave it, but then it means The Orchard is making money off of it. Although granted the video has only had three views in the last month, so its not like it would be much. I know I am not the owner of the copyright, but they aren't either.
  5. So, I am not sure if this has been brought up before or not. Sorry if it has. YouTube informed me that I had a copyright violation for using "Mega Man 3: The Passing of the Blue Crown" which is from here on OCR (Which I uploaded in 2009). The song was released here back in 2008. However, the copyright claim is from "The Orchard Music" and claimed it matched a song called No Quiero Ser by Danny el TDJ. I thought at first this was strange, so I listened to the song. And it is using Blue Crown in its entirety as the music for the song, with the guy singing over the top. This is on an album that is being sold for profit. So my question is, did this guy actually get the rights for this from OCR, or did he basically steal it? I have no clue who to contact here on it. The guy is now making money off my video, which gets hardly any views, but doesn't seem right for him to be making money off work posted on OCR. You can listen to his song here, it is song #4: https://play.google.com/music/preview/Tigvdzt56zdkxdmoqpo7pdpsysa?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=buylink&u=0 Again, sorry if this is the wrong area. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of somebody here. EDIT: The purpose of this post is NOT the claim on my video. Its the guy using OCR music for his own profit. Bolded this bit so that its more clear that its the main reason for this post.
  6. I am not sure how I missed this mix when it came out, but I just heard it on OCR Radio. I love the tight rifting, and drum work. But what REALLY made me love this mix was the one measure of The Trooper by Iron Maiden thrown in
  7. I really like this song, but like some others have said, the vocals bring it down for me. I feel with the right singer it could really bring it up a notch. Everything else is great though. Music and lyrics themselves.
  8. This is really a top notch piece of work. This is now one of my favorite Zelda mixes.
  9. Oh wow, flashback! I remember when I got this game, while being a short game, the music and game play was top notch. Great mix.
  10. This was one of my favorite PS2 games, and this mix really brought me back. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful looking PS2 games ever made, and the music that went with the game matched it very well. This mix really brings out the best in it. Top notch work.
  11. So did everybody fall off the edge of the world or what?
  12. 6 or 7 in what time zone? If thats EST, I may be on. We made it to act 3 nightmare tonight. But I could go back and help you through the laterpart of normal.
  13. There have been games just about every evening for the last few days. So if you get on IRC, I am sure a few of us could help you out.
  14. I am in. I will be a Barb, user name is Stuka87
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