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  1. Just from the description of the sound file, I'd say you are describing Pirates! Gold (not the new version, which is also good). This game was also on the Genesis.
  2. This week on Zero Punctuation, Condemned 2: Bloodshot and the phrase "errant turds."
  3. Good jorb. I spend most of my time on the Test Center these days doing testing; you can usually find me around Stonehenge: In Hell's Heart Fighting Moloch Currently patch 1.3 just hit the Test Center, but patch 1.2 went live a few weeks ago: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oCC43yhWxyM
  4. I simply donated, figuring it would be the most direct source of funding.
  5. Even for someone without a current source of income, $10 is something I am willing to part with in support of this fine institution.
  6. Again, we apologise for the fault in the rankings. Those responsible for countervoting the countervoters have been countervoted.
  7. Well there's 4 or 5 more jumps to go, let's hope that all of them are in the upward direction!
  8. At the highest point so far today, all three OCR finalists claim the top spots, with a little under 2 hours left in the voting:
  9. Might have something to do with being in the 99th percentile out of over 20,000 submissions. Having multiple tracks from this community in the top 37, let alone two in the top 10, is amazing.
  10. If you want strangers to vote on your music, Ourstage is one of the first places I have seen with a ranking system designed around it.
  11. Well, I got to 630 battles before I hit the judging limit. Looks like I will be watching from here on out.
  12. Yeah, I'd have to second you keeping it at; Feelings of Freedom is an awesome track and definitely pulled some votes away from zircon's work :>
  13. Congratulations pixie, zircon, and sgx on your clean sweeps of the respective generes... ...now, duel to the death (or something similarly climactic), May the best win!
  14. Yes, more votes are always helpful. Earlier today Particle took the #2 spot in Techno, so the battle is far from over. Will be eagerly awaiting the results tomorrow night.
  15. Having grown up on the King's Quest series...a lot of that review struck a chord with me, and I found it hilarious. I've lost count how many times I've killed Alexander in KQVI because I rubbed the wrong object out of dozen or more in my backpack against the wrong seemingly harmless, but actually quite deadly, object. Underworld ticket-boss: "Next..."
  16. Congratulations on your dominance of your sections! This requires obligatory... ...to both of you and the fans that have gotten you there (and the many battles fought).
  17. The work both of you do is excellent; you could say I am quite the "fan" of it.
  18. Here's a video posted today about the new content that was released last week. I found it humorous and a good example of the energy that the soundtrack conveys. rE5CiYUCMjY
  19. Nekko pretty much sums it up, it's no AAA title but the developers are constantly working on improving it and fixing issues with it. If you're the kind to get addicted to the loot slot machine mechanic, the game will probably be able to hold your interest for a while.
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