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  1. This isn't exactly a new release, and the game may not have the greatest reputation, but like other games of similar dubiety the music in this game is excellent (not that I could expect anything less from Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan) in setting the mood of a post apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting back from the brink of oblivion, which I think bears sharing. You can check it out and download it on Amazon or read the review on Music4Games.
  2. The topic of discussion this week is Turok. Once again, the opening music is brilliant.
  3. Island of Edges, by The Wingless Song of Ruin, by Blue Magic
  4. I put up this thread for the purposes of feedback while I was in the process of making my submission, so you can continue to use that if you want to.
  5. A lot of the footage used comes from the unreleased (in the US) Crisis Core game for the PSP, while the rest is from AC and Dirge of Cerberus. As an example, my submission uses footage entirely from Crisis Core (since it would not make sense with the setting of my story to use anything else).
  6. Regarding video distribution, there are two sites listed in an earlier post of mine that provide free file hosting with next to no restriction through the terms of use aside from the obvious. Also there is Stage6, which hosts high quality DivX encoded files with no limit, but the formatting and registration processes are slightly more hindering than the two options listed below.
  7. Look into my crystal ball...
  8. You can lower the bitrate of the encoding or use an encoder well known for compression, the latter not being much of a concern given the suggested codecs for use in this contest. In general, the less quality the video is encoded at, the smaller the size will be. For my final copy I believe I aimed for 2Mbps (VHS quality) encoding with Xvid, and due to having the audio uncompressed it ended up as 1411kbps video with 549kbps audio for a total 127MB. I can hardly see any quality loss on the video, even maximized to 1280x1024.
  9. It's a mad dog multimedia surepower PSU. I'm figuring that if I get a new video card and overclock the system, I may need the additional power considering a new video card will probably triple my current consumption by the GPU to ~150w and the processor at full bore can probably match that wattage, which doesn't leave much for the remaining components. Hopefully it will be enough for those peak conditions, and if not I'll just have to get a new PSU.
  10. I'm also running into this problem, as I currently have a 939 3200+ on an Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe running 2 512MB sticks of PC333 and an x800 XL. It runs current generation games, but that is with the settings turned way down, and even then the framerates aren't exactly stellar. What I had in mind for my cheap upgrade was: -P35 board (specifically the Gigabyte DS3L for $100) -Intel dual core e2160 (inexpensive overclocker--$80) -2GB Ballistix (bought last year for $60) As you can see from the parts list this machine is intended for overclocking to maximize the power/cost efficiency. Unfortunately overclocking it will probably require me to invest in a larger PSU than the 400W I currently have, but the system should run fine stock. The other hitch at this point for me is the video card; my x800 XL will probably be the bottleneck for the new system, but I don't really want to replace it right now as I think the prices on the R600 series will drop in the summer when (hopefully) the R700 series is out. I will probably get myself an HD3850/3870 at that point, unless for some reason the 8 series takes a sudden drop in price to match the radeon cards when the 9 series gets released in a month or so. In relation to your issue, you might want to do as I did and just start researching parts for building a new (inexpensive) system. Check out review sites to see what technologies are reliable, compatible, and most important in this case, inexpensive.
  11. Good to hear you got it sorted; I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game for the last few years and being on the development/administration team for a popular persistent world. If you plan to adventure online, I could provide you with a shameless plug to said servers
  12. You make a fine point; I did not have the role of hint guy in mind when I chose my previous one. Good show.
  13. Hint: What's being pointed to is part of the answer (but not literally). Connecting that to the sentence clue will give you the whole answer. Hint: It is a red onion. Try searching for the given numbers in correspondence with the given vegetables, and see what comes up
  14. Hint: The mouseover tells you what kind of winning hand you are looking for (by the number of points).
  15. Probably one of the more confusing early puzzles. Hint: What is being pointed to can be considered the subject of the sentence.
  16. Hint: Have you eaten your yogurt?
  17. Nope: the solution itself has very little to do with numbers, aside from the numbers you are given on level 30. What it wants you to recall is the solution to level 10, then relate it to your current problem.
  18. That one requires you to recall something from a previous level. Hint: What do those two levels have in common? Use that with the new information to formulate the solution.
  19. Use your 'yogurt' skills that you learned in a previous level. Hint: You may need 3rd party software to solve this puzzle
  20. The toys were discounted; a total amount of profit was made. What's the number of toys at a certain price required to equal that profit? Hidden Hint: You can't have partial toys or partial pennies.
  21. Kyll, Nomura Limit, v2 and Full Frontal Assault, v1 both contain footage from solely Advent Children. Unfortunately I feel those were not my best efforts, as I submitted my video for Every Story Begins with a Name. As to your video, I feel it had a flow to it that matched the audio very well as it changed; very impressive work.
  22. We can use the thread I created as a place for people to link to their submissions should they wish to share them. Voices of the Lifestream Music Videos
  23. Now that the submission deadline has passed, and in the interim before the winning submissions are selected, I know I am one of many that are curious to see what the rest of the community has created. So if you feel like sharing, post a link to your submission.
  24. When all else fails, Volume Control > Properties > Recording > Wave/"What U Hear" Start > Run > sndrec32 However if you have a third party software application (Goldwave, CoolPro, or my favorite, Sound Forge) you can avoid having to click the record button like a madman to avoid a break in the playback when it reaches the 60 second limit.
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