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  1. Not my style. I probably won't ever listen to it after the first time. Just kind of bland.
  2. It's a bit boring for the first 2.5 minutes. Other than that it was ok.
  3. I don't really like the vocals, but as a whole it's pretty good. EDIT: After listening to it a few times, the vocals grew on me. Good job.
  4. For what it's intended to be, it's a great piece, but it wasn't to my tastes.
  5. I liked AkumajoBelmont's other 2 remixes on this site, but not so much this one.
  6. I might listen to it again, but nothing overly exciting.
  7. I really enjoyed this remix. I'm usually not a fan of remixes with lyrics (they're usually not pulled off well at all), but this had some talent behind it. The vocals were amazing. It's not quite a favorite, but this mix is really good.
  8. I have nothing good to say about this remix IMO. I think it sounded horrible and I'm surprised it was accepted IMO. Thanks to whoever deleted my last post. Wrong button.
  9. This is going in my OCR favorites folder. It really sounds more like something you'd hear in Mega Man Legends. Must be something with the style. I love it.
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