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  1. oh man. what happened with this one? i don't feel the groove at ALL. the production is meh but passable i suppose. but the mix as a whole is pretty underdeveloped. needs some heavy refinement. gotta up that skill man.
  2. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF LOL omg hahahahahahahaha This explains a LOT! HAHAHA
  3. I think it's a pretty good remix. Lots of stuff I like, especially when the acoustic guitar comes in. It works well with the toms. But aside from that, I think there's some eq issues that could've been resolved before wrapping the track up. The guitar seems a little muffled and held back (not the playing style). But overall pretty decent stuff.
  4. What you're saying makes sense, but I don't see it applying to my song. Plenty of pretty clear ups and downs. I wasn't subtle about anything. I have to agree with Dectilon, this song is boring. After you've heard the first 63 seconds of this song, you've pretty much heard it all, and everything that follows is pretty standard remixing 101. "Ups and downs" doesn't really cut it when it comes to creating a work thats truly outstanding. If you were listening to 1000 remixes in a row, would this one stand out? I think not. you're a fucking idiot. this song is pretty cool stuff.
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