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  1. Ever since the first time I heard her, I've been a pixietricks/Jillian Goldin fan. There has yet been one remix done by her that I haven't absolutely adored. Her vocals usually play a dominant role in the songs she participates in, but in this her vocals are more a supporting role, which I found to be an interesting change of pace. Her voice is rather haunting in this tune, I must admit. The piano work is top-notch and rather complex, I think, though I might have liked to see a bit more experimentation with the melody (Though to do that might make it aurally confusing given the complexity of the melody, so it could go either way). The acoustic guitar work is good (and vaguely reminiscent of Serial Experiment Lain), but the electric sounds a bit random and almost out of place, but not overly so, and as was mentioned seems more to be something to think about then something that meshes overly well. The fretless bass was an interesting choice, but goes well with this piece, and overall this remix seems to have a haunting, remorseful feeling to it that I feel came across relatively well. All in all, a unique piece with an interesting feel, and overall I felt it was done quite well. Great job to the remixers!
  2. As I have stated elsehwere, I have ghosted this site for quite some time, and have extensive music knowledge. As such, I get picky as to what remixes I like, and what I don't. There are perhaps 5 tracks from OCremix that I've come to find as astounding. I know it to be especially difficult when attempting to remix more then one game's music together, and tastefully. Most that I've ever heard have wound up sounding like two updated console systems running at the same time and clashing...badly. Honestly, I think this piece was one of the best I have ever heard, and is always at the very top of my playlist. I love the echoey piano contrasting with the brass at the parts where the piece seems to 'recover'. By 'recover' I don't mean it's bad and has to compensate...I mean sonically. Where it comes off of a high crescendo and backs down to a bit more muted and softer tones. These, though, begin to build up again in their own right and ramp into some awesome interplay of vocals, piano, drums, and brass. I was especially appreciative of the cymbalwork at all the right places. To top it all off, the background organ simply fills the empty space to make this an all out, no holds barred, symphonic masterpiece. Add to that that the piece's tone in and of itself seems to be a beautiful mix of a hard beat, uplifiting orchestral, and beautifully placed vocals, this is the one piece that deserves a standing ovation. Incredible work, Jared. Very impressed. Keep it up.
  3. ... ... ... ...holy s***. I've been ghosting OCremix for sometime now, stealing tracks and listening. I, however, with extensive music knowledge, am very critical of many that I hear. Thus far, about five remixes have really hit me as amazing. This is one of them. I was incredibly impressed with this song all over. I was one of those kids that felt lucky to have the original Nintendo when I was young, and one of the games I played the most? You bet your butt it was Super Mario Bros. I played it so much I have very intricate knowledge of the music, and whoever says that this piece is lacking in the original castle theme music needs to take a few classes and listen to the original again. Focus less on gameplay, more on music...afterall, that's what this is all about. I liked the mellow yet harsh tones at the beginning, but yes, I felt like the track should have been 'Bowser is Mildly Annoyed'. When the guitar slammed in around 2:40, it shifted gears to 'Bowser Wants to Rip Your Throat Out and Wear It As A Hat'. I loved it. Always at the top of my play list. Well done, PriZm.