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  1. Ayres


    So lives another struggling musician.
  2. <3 neil voss He's got something new coming out, right? I desire it.
  3. Ayres


    Chicks love a dj.
  4. Looks like fun. I'll pay the 40 dollar at door fee and be there. I live real close by.
  5. There's no simple way around this I've found. You have to use the "Multi-quote" button on every post you want quoted for it to be included. but this creates separate boxes for each quote. To make a nexus, you have to cut the first tag off and paste it just after the first tag of someone else's quote. It takes effort now.
  6. I haven't seen any replies from mods or admins about my, Coop's, and AD's questions regarding character limit. 10 character minimum is perhaps the most run into problem for some users and terribly annoying. 5000 maximum PM character limit is cumbersome as I just found out in a reply to zircon, so I can agree with AD. I would really like to see the 10 character minimum in "Post Reply" to be adressed. As well as I would like to point out again some slight frustration with 4 image limit (which include smilies). For the avatar thread, for image threads and for extensive smiley user's, that's death. Can we increase that max limit to slightly more than that? Perhaps 8 or so?
  7. Thanks for affirmation. Can we get this problem adressed?
  8. Damn. "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters." That's really getting old.
  9. The "New Posts/No New Posts" button suddenly went fuxx0red on my add-on. A reboot of firefox didn't solve the problem. Does anybody else have this problem? Can someone help. Hang on, I'll post a screen. With Original skin: Without Original skin: Both have the vBulletin update but aren't working properly. (Sorry about the serious lag: I forgot fotofuckitup doesn't like bmp.)
  10. You bookmarked the old phpBB of OCR on Firefox. Clear that and try again.
  11. I've noticed difficulty adding names to the "Buddy List". I'll type out the name and it will claim the person cannot be found in the forum. There are no spelling errors and all accents are placed. It also doesn't work when I copy and paste the user's name. Glitch?
  12. I hope you do finish it. It was fantastic.
  13. Yeah, we're all having problems with that. It only quotes the person, and not their post. You can "fake" a quote nexus, but it's a lot of work.
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