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  1. This is what pacman would sound like if pacman was a emo. You can take that as good or bad
  2. Steet Fighter 3rd strike GILL!!1!! Cheap @ss mo fo with his ressurection i can honesty say hardest boss ever in a video game ps sry if this has been posted b4
  3. Boss theme on crack but in a good way veeerrryy fast and a little trippy feels like music fit for a night club or when ur chilling and smoking not so legal plants
  4. This is a nice reunion remix (I think the only 1) i enjoyed the change up near the middle so it wouldnt stay so repetative and the upbeat tempo. Very well done overall.
  5. I always loved this game and it did have great music. Fantastic job not as repetitave as intension and still much like the classic vers. 2 thumbs up!
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