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  1. Imeem - Tango Appassionata by Yoko Shimomura I feel really stupid. I can't figure out what the instrument soloing in this piece is. Anyone know? I'm not to keen on folk(?) instruments. It's not an accordion, right? Whatever it is, I really like how it was used in this piece. Thanks much for any help.
  2. Here is a piece I've spent far too much time on. (Select Cloud Battle (WIP) to play, sorry, I don't have any dedicated hosting for mp3s.) It's a remix of "GET IT BY YOUR HANDS" by Hiroshi Watanabe from the Eureka Seven soundtrack. I spent probably a week or two playing and arranging and a few months getting to actually sound right. I've never been too happy with it, but I've finally polished it enough to where I can get feedback for it from other sources. I still have a few more things I'm going to add (some classical instruments maybe), but I thought I'd get some advice before I move to the next stage
  3. Wow, this was my first video game I had ever owned. (Outside of computer Duke Nukem arcade FTW!) Brings back memories...like that I could never beat it because it was really hard. Good mix, despite that I am not much of a fan on the genre.
  4. I never had enough patience to play this game thoroughly, but the mix is very well done.
  5. Ahhhhh I remember this game! I saw the name of the game remixed and I was like NO FREAKING WAY! I got the demo from my gravix* CD. Nice mix. Really good! Don't remember any of the source music though, that was quite a long time ago. (* Gamepad callibration and support software)
  6. About freaking time this song was posted. J/K. I've already listened to it 5,435 times like I have every other Wingless song.
  7. I wish I could eat this song, it probably tastes pretty good if it could be made into something edible... Never played either of these games though.
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