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  1. I'm not sure if this is a FL specific problem or something to do with RAM or buffers or whatever, but I figure I'll ask here. I have this project that sits at around 60% CPU use while idling with all tracks and plugins on. Playing, it goes up to around 80-90%. Everything is all fine and well until I export to MP3 (or Wav). In the MP3, my drums from Battery 2 drop out randomly, as if I had inattentively wiped the erase button all across the piano roll prior to rendering. It seems to get worse as the song goes on, actually. No other track but the drums has this problem. After I export, the sam
  2. Because there's no point in excluding the few people around here who happen to use Cubase or Sonar or what have you. It's well known that most people here are hobbyists and don't want to dish out 10,000,000,000$ for some high-end production studio. So doesn't it just stand to reason (lolz) that most of the discussion around here would be oriented towards the cheaper audio solutions like FL or Reason? There's still the people that use other stuff, so they can discuss that amongst themselves. It'd be useless to limit the board to FL-only discussion. Plus, nobody is trying to put a cap on you
  3. Ah, the obligatory "you all suck" post... I knew something was missing... Hahaha, have you ever listened to any of PriZm's remixes? I never said that he was stupid or anything...I just suddenly noticed that nobody had insulted everybody in here yet. And you have to admit, it happens in pretty much every topic at some point or another. He's a guitarist. He was being funny. Geez.
  4. Is your friend's name "Torrentspy" by any chance?
  5. This has probably been mentioned, but the pumped-up version of Indalecio from Star Ocean 2 is bloody impossible. D:
  6. I will join and destroy all who oppose me. D:
  7. Immerse yourself in the subtleties of nature.
  8. The limiter could be there as a last resort thing. If one brave little wave fights hard enough and makes it to the 0db endline, the limiter will provide additional defenses. Um... Zergrush?
  9. I did a search, there was some discussion about it on page 7, but no results. So has anyone managed to dig up a good wind chime sample/soundfound/vst/whatever since then? Thanks.
  10. He does do that. It's kinda... bitchy. So to speak.
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