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    I'm probably one of the last old school thinkers that tries to follow the old moralist codes of the 40s/50s.
    Having said that, I've seen more than my share of ugly, so don't bother holding any punches when asking me something.
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  1. What compliant little sheep the people of this nation have become. How sad. If anyone wishes to contact me, got to vgmix or romhacking.net.

  2. Just in case you do not know of it, RKO has many excellent remixes of C64 songs. Was that the one where you had to dock with a space station by lining up your crosshairs? That was a really fun game, but I was not very good at it. Or maybe I'm thinking of Star Control? I can't remember.
  3. Yeah, I was just picking on you because this is the internet. I wouldn't grow too attached to any of the main console makers if I were you; they are bound to disappoint.
  4. Loading...File not found. Syntax error?
  5. I like how you reference a song that, at best, is mediocre. Try again.
  6. Crappy music. Uninspired stage design. Boring. A weak game overall compared to Mario64.
  7. Yes. It's not too bad if you play conservatively. Marian is a bitch and her levitation handjob can cause you to get stuck on the ceiling forever(an annoying bug that ruins all the work you put into it). I have yet to meet anyone that's beaten Disk 2 of Dragon's Lair for the c64. The final mudmen stage is wacky; what the hell were you supposed to do there?
  8. Once you've reached the upper levels in Yar's Revenge as I did, everything else is child's play or uninteresting.
  9. Why do you need a reason to buy fruit loops?
  10. bLiNd's Bridge to Eternity is easily the best song on the album. It captures the heart and soul of the original and takes it up several notches. As for the rest, many strayed into the hard rock or rock opera area. A pity.
  11. I think I agree with all these ideas.At 2:32'= the shift is abrupt. This sounds like three takes merged into one. At most keep two of the main takes you have going here. At the very least, gradually ease into the transitions. Keep at it.
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