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  1. What compliant little sheep the people of this nation have become. How sad. If anyone wishes to contact me, got to vgmix or romhacking.net.

  2. Just in case you do not know of it, RKO has many excellent remixes of C64 songs. Was that the one where you had to dock with a space station by lining up your crosshairs? That was a really fun game, but I was not very good at it. Or maybe I'm thinking of Star Control? I can't remember.
  3. Yeah, I was just picking on you because this is the internet. I wouldn't grow too attached to any of the main console makers if I were you; they are bound to disappoint.
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  5. Nec5

    Nintendo Wii

    I like how you reference a song that, at best, is mediocre. Try again.
  6. Nec5

    Nintendo Wii

    Crappy music. Uninspired stage design. Boring. A weak game overall compared to Mario64.
  7. Yes. It's not too bad if you play conservatively. Marian is a bitch and her levitation handjob can cause you to get stuck on the ceiling forever(an annoying bug that ruins all the work you put into it). I have yet to meet anyone that's beaten Disk 2 of Dragon's Lair for the c64. The final mudmen stage is wacky; what the hell were you supposed to do there?
  8. Once you've reached the upper levels in Yar's Revenge as I did, everything else is child's play or uninteresting.
  9. I'm waiting for WiiScrabble.
  10. Why do you need a reason to buy fruit loops?
  11. bLiNd's Bridge to Eternity is easily the best song on the album. It captures the heart and soul of the original and takes it up several notches. As for the rest, many strayed into the hard rock or rock opera area. A pity.
  12. None of them use the headset.
  13. I think I agree with all these ideas.At 2:32'= the shift is abrupt. This sounds like three takes merged into one. At most keep two of the main takes you have going here. At the very least, gradually ease into the transitions. Keep at it.
  14. Fist of the North Star. Mad Max + Bruce Lee = Loads of fun.
  15. In other cable news, SciFi (Science Fiction channel) is now Syfy. I don't get it, but then again I'm probably not the target audience. Weird stuff. Not that I've watched it in a long while. I prefer to see Ramsay yell at people in the kitchen.
  16. I'll get you next time, Gadget.
  17. The only possible/logical rationale I can come up with for Cartoon Network deciding not to run the plethora of cartoons from 80s/90s might be licensing? Someone can clear this up if they know more about it, but don't channels have to pay for a license to run a particular series for a particular period of time. That's why HBO showed the Negotiator(granted it's a movie) non-stop for a month or so. Now, it is never on. Maybe it's a financial issue, and the owners of those cartoon series charge too much? Again, I'm grasping on the licensing issue.
  18. One clip does not an argument make. Besides, I'm talking about the artwork style or lack thereof. The technology has improved with frame count and smoothness. Yay. If the content, artwork, music, and story isn't there, I'll stick with the 80s/90s stuff. This is true for much of today's movies as well. As a not-really-related aside, please tell me you didn't like Beowulf. I watched the last 30 minutes of it. Dreadful art and everything. Ugh.
  19. I have several of them on DVD, and they're just as fun today as they were then. In fact, some of the adult humor (usually one liner references) in GI Joe and TMNT are hilarious and went unnoticed when I was a kid. Cobra's training camps look just like Al Qaeda/Quesadilla. Hilarious.As for today's cartoons having superior artwork/quality, give me a break. Excluding animation ported from Japan, modern American cartoons are crap. Look at the artwork for these cartoons. They look like things I could draw, and I can't draw to save my life. The story lines are even more pathetic. If it wasn't for anime masking the lackluster American offerings here in the states, you'd see modern Western cartoons as the crap they are.
  20. I agree but you can always imagine your own ending taking place a few weeks later.
  21. It's a perfect analogy. The niche market and identifier for Cartoon Network is/was "cartoons" (yes, I'm one of those old fogies that still calls anime a cartoon). Here are some more absurd analogies:The Comedy Channel showing "Platoon". The Encore Action channel showing "Mansfield Park" The SciFi network creating a sitcom like The Cosby Show or Home Improvement. The Encore Romance channel showing "Commando". CNN and Fox News airing sitcoms. The Home and Garden Network showing cartoons. Exclusivity does not matter. If they want to market themselves as the "Cartoon" Network, then they had better stick to cartoons. Otherwise, they'll become another kiddy channel that shows a variety of programming (stuff I never did watch even when I was a kid).
  22. No. I can get that from other channels. It's "Cartoon" Network. What if the food network began showing Schindler's list and The Shawshank Redemption?
  23. I stopped watching that channel because they started showing things besides "cartoons". It's "Cartoon" Network. All those shows to choose from (GI Joe, Thundercats, Voltron, TMNT, Smurfs, Conan, etc), and they put on crap. No thanks. A wasted channel and a poor vision. Reminds me of "TechTV was better".
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