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  1. you should start signing your posts again

  2. I agree that it is old and broken in weird ways, but to address at least a couple of your problems: When you bounce a loop out, ReCycle will append its fading tail onto each slice for slower tempos. If you want to hear this pre-bounce, hit the 'preview toggle' button (on the left of the transport bar, looks like a knob with a play arrow on top of it). Ctrl/cmd+1-4 are the keyboard shortcuts for the mouse tools. I also think that since the idea is you creatively arrange it in the destination sequencer, fancy groove tools in ReCycle itself would be redundant and potentially limiting. All of this
  3. Is it too late to join? If not, can I do one of the elete four themes? It's been a while since I've played that game, I'll have to get my gameboy out. Anyway, can I be in?
  4. Joined. First WU due to end on October 6th. Edit: Dropped to Friday
  5. Sorry if this has already been done. LT: The resolution should be sharper. The format should be GIF, not PNG.
  6. My plan is to order Finale Academic, and redo the music I did in Noteworthy in Finale, then combine that with the drumline stuff that Rainman DX was awesome enough to arrange. Once I've done that and have a final version, I'll definitely send you a MIDI if you want to make a good sounding version. I'll send you a PM. (Hopefully I'll have it done by mid July... depends how long it takes me to get Finale I guess.)Kthx.If I'm on holiday It's not my fault.
  7. Could somoene post a midi? I wanna stick it through reason and make it sound slightly more real.
  8. Your name alone deserves a hug.(>^_______________________________^)>
  9. Guys, you can get live audio into reason. There's this program that pretends to be ReBirth and the audio comes out the Rebirth machine. Unfortunately I can't get it to work.
  10. Yo.If I were you I'd shrink my sig to <200 pixels high. <150 preferred.
  11. LT: That looks really blurry and bad. Please make a decent effort to actually make it look nice before submitting.
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