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  1. 1TB External Hard Drive Water-proof gloves Scarf Socks Speakers for the computer 30$ Coat
  2. Really enjoy the Arrangements, especially Corridors of Time. And as Dhsu says, it's good to see some people from the Japanese remixing community interested in OC ReMix.
  3. I really enjoy Crow's Claw stuff, now if I can only find his Scythe of Hell album.
  4. DarkeSword, don't we already have like, a million projects going on?
  5. now your getting real advice. also, check out www.newegg.com, if you didnt know about it already.
  6. Are you planning to get this stuff at a local computer store or off the internet?
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_computers Scroll down untill you reach configuration, the list of 10 things, will tell you what you need to get to have a working PC. Can't tell you the best things to get without getting ripped off, cause I have never built a computer, I just know what you need to have a working computer.
  8. Do you know atleast anything about the parts of a computer? Like the motherboard, CPU, RAM, Video Card, etc?
  9. Why did you come back if you was gone for so long, if I may ask? I mean, I usually disappear for a month or two, then come back, check on the Mascosts Site Project(lol), and then disappear again.
  10. shit, almost forgot about this, good thing i came to the forums.
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