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  1. The unlocking is a system-wide setting, so don't worry about it. If you look into the records, it's amazing just how much stuff the game records. Makes me wonder if Nintendo is recording the data when you connect, to see what the real data is on the game.
  2. You know, I'm probably the only one who thinks this.. but what if the alternate "costumes" for Sonic are actually Silver, Shadow.. and Knuckles?
  3. The one thing I really, REALLY don't like about Mario Galaxy, beyond the small nags, is that the levels are far too linear. In Mario 64, and in many levels in Mario Sunshine, you were free to go wander the level all you wanted. There were certain goals that were emphasized, or a few small changes, but for the most part you could explore the entire level. In Mario Galaxy, you can't. :/
  4. Hey, at least the upgraded triple jump in SM64 is useful! At least, for mucking about anyway. The reason why it's better, is because the third jump makes you invincible to falls. And then you even get that extra little bounce at the end. Makes it fun!
  5. I.. don't really like it so far. Granted, I'm just as far as the first actual level after you get to the hub world, but still. I'm tired of all this top-down view. And I just can't seem to make Mario do a decent backflip, or get the kind of range in it that he'd get in Mario 64. I'm actually disappointed, so far. :/
  6. Anyone else think Nintendo kinda.. dropped the ball on the release itself? Far too many stores just didn't even get it on release day, or monday because it's a holiday. Like, seriously. If you're going to release a top-tier, AAA game on a long weekend, release it on thursday so it hits shelves on friday so people can actually spend the weekend to play the damn thing, rather than running around to stores, trying to find it!
  7. It's funny, because there's a Sony apologist in there, trying to use the excuse that the X360's 30% fail rate should STILL be harked on, even though MS admitted the problem and has been going out of their way to actually replace all the affected consoles as they come in, free of charge. But, every time an incident like this with MS does come up, it DOES get reported and pointed out. The RROD is a common event now and every given occurrence doesn't need to be brought up.
  8. And the security-enhancing system update that goes with it, I'm sure. They seem to happen around the time of every major Nintendo release. And then we have to run an update again when we put the game in for the first time.
  9. Damn. That's the kind of advertising they should have been using last year.
  10. Hey, to be fair.. Dragonblade was done up in like 8 months, by a small company that only really does quickie games. And there hasn't been any even passable dragon-centric games, ever, aside from Spyro and Panzer Dragoon. Everything else that tries to use a dragon as the main point of the game or story, has wound up as utter and uncontrolled shit. Even on the PS3. And I think we may have been hoping too much from Dewy's Adventure, because it was one of the first second-generation Wii titles, done by the same team that did up Elebits. We were hoping for something along the lines of that game, evolved in some way.
  11. After this game is released, the console war is officially over. For the next 6 bloody generations. And Nintendo won't have to do much else to cater to the "hardcore" crowd, because every last one of them on the planet, is going to be playing this and not caring about anything else.
  12. wewt. Managed to nab Zack & Wiki and pre-order SMG. Wanted GH3, but the city's sold out of all versions of it. Ah well. Maybe I'll be able to get it by christmas. Now to go play Z-dub
  13. Have you received your shipping confirmation from Nintendo yet? If not, they haven't sent yet. I got my confirmation on the 24th.
  14. That video just brought me to fucking tears. That was beautiful.
  15. And the best Kid Icarus game, as well.
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