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  1. Then do what I used to do: Borrow a neighbor's internet without their knowledge! or if your uber 1337, put a satallite dish on your house and attatch a cantenna, then get an ENCRYPTED wi-fi signal, crack it, print off a sheet on THEIR printer saying "I hacked you wi-fi and there ain't nothing you can do to stop it" then sign it with some l33t name, THEN start playing. ooh take pictures too. Seriously, just pick up a neighbors wireless network, like redchlorine said.
  2. I really did like it. It sounds good except the ending that doesnt quite work, like humptee free said. I liked the creepy/scary feel too it though.
  3. I enjoyed this mix very much, keep up the good work! 9/10
  4. From what I'm told its incredibly difficult to use your own PC as a host computer/server. Because your ISP limits bandwidth for upload to much lower amount then download. (not sure on that though.) My cousin did that once and took it down within a week, he told me it was easier and cheaper to just get hosting.
  5. sounds good, lol. Whatever works.
  6. hey if you guys need a website I could probably host it for free. If you ask djpretzel for a subdomain, teamOCR.ocremix.org I could host and provide bandwidth. Unless you do videos, then I don't think I have enough space, unless their small, 1-10 megabytes, I'd host and provide bandwidth, I could do the site as well.
  7. hello hi I'm Cyclone I named myself after my fan in my bedroom I like bawls, I also like jolt. its good mmmmmmmmm caffine.
  8. I sorta posted here and in the other thread in Unmod, so sorry... anywho If I could get a sig with sephiroth or with an electric guitar (bass, 6 string, fender style or gibson style, whatever.) or a JOLT or BAWLS sig! lol anything is fine I'd prefer to have it be banner style (which is almost exclusivly [sp? I liked the spell check on other forums I visit.] what I see around here)
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