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  1. Ah, okay, sorry to give y'all heart attacks. I just didn't recognize it. ()
  2. Is it just me, or did we suddenly get a few more mascots? I saw one or two I couldn't recognize that I don't THINK are on the list.
  3. Can you fault a guy for using Kefka's theme too much in Dancing Mad, though? I mean, the last two tiers ARE Kefka's theme remixed, and Fantasy Reborn uses it in all the tiers. I'll have to listen to this later, cause I'm going to bed.
  4. After listening to this Kanjika's stuff...I want his babies.
  5. No prob. I MAY claim a bio later, but no promises.
  6. Actually, his default weapon is two katars, three blades each. Just about anything he uses falls under the classification of "katar" (well, except the drill bits...). Just pointing out that there's a difference between Voldo's katar and, say, a Thief's dagger.
  7. I really hope House hasn't forgotten about this. I was looking forward to his version of Sacrifice III.
  8. When in doubt, trust the Panda.
  9. Better example: "Hitler was assassinated by A Freakin' Jew."
  10. This is exactly the reason the world needs to forget about Krystal . Pfft. If you hate Krystal because of perverts, you haven't seen that much Peach fanart, have you? Besides, give Krystal her assault outfit and the staff. Good moveset - furverts pausing the game every five seconds = win.
  11. That's arguably the best fake character select screen out there. I can't think of anyone missing that I can't live without, although there are some I'd rather not see as playable characters (Tingle, three AW generals, Olimar, and Pacman to be specific).
  12. Seeing as the entire JFG universe is currently second party to Microsoft, that's not likely.
  13. Like the Halberd isn't already awesome enough. fixed Amen, and amen. I think I was wiggin' out more over the Halberd than ZS Samus.
  14. In all likeness, I think that Sonic is the only third-party character with any real chance of making it in. Yes, playing as Belmont, Crash, Ryu, Dan, or one of the other million TP characters mentioned (or, as an ultimate nose-thumb, the Spartan ) would be pretty damn cool. However, bear in mind that the only reason why Snake made it is that Kojima practically begged Shiggy to put him in. So far, there's been only one other character whose creator has been serious about including in Smash Bros., and that's Sonic. In an interview several months ago, Yuji Naka mentioned that he would have loved to see Sonic in SSBM, and that he had talked to Miyamato about the manner. That sounds like more work than Kojima's done towards pushing Snake. Going by this (and it really hurts my pride to say it), it looks like Sonic is the new shoo-in for SSBB. [/$0.02 from a newb]
  15. The only reason I can think of is simply that he doesn't really fit in the current art style of the game. In a game where the closest we have a an actual male human possibly lactates in his closet, someone normal like Snake lighting up a cig and snapping necks seems...weird
  16. what the hell are you talking about?? that never happened in mm2, i know cause i beat that game like 80 times. Yes it does. It's the level right after you fight the GutsDozer. MM2 is that the one with hardman, topman, woodman? Top Man and Hard Man are from MM3. Wood Man is from MM2. negative. On the gameboy version of mm2 i got wood clash air metal hard top and 2 others. ;possibly freeze man. then you fight that bitch with the pogo stick. quint maybe? then wily. And in the original MM2, it's Metal, Flash, Quick, Bubble, Heat, Air, Crash, and Wood, followed by the Dragon, the Wall Robots, and the mentioned Sentry Room.
  17. Are you talking about the Crystal fight, or the one versus the giant head? Cause the former's not that hard, and the latter's easier than the entirety of Level 4. EDIT: Speaking of which, the Satellite Core from Level 4 is the hardest boss in the game. Basically, alternating streams of black and white lasers are rotating around a central core, which is also revolving around a point. You have extremely limited movement, and your goal is to shoot three targets deep within the revolving core until said target goes away, and then you can start damaging the core, but only through the narrow tunnels you shot the targets out of. All the while, the lasers are accelerating, and to top it of, the core starts shooting MORE lasers on top of the ones you're already dodging. I have yet to beat it with credit, more than can be said for the Crystal boss.
  18. You left the Fei Wong bio on the inverted list. It's back on page 18 (too lazy to see who did it )
  19. QFE My personal favorite of the project. Thrash the Plank and West Coast DK Island (Harmon'd trumpets FTW!) get honorable mention.
  20. From what I can tell, it's like DDR, minus the pad, plus the chick.
  21. Sol Badguy Sammy 1998 Sol Badguy is one of the recurring characters in the Guilty Gear series, and is generally believed to be the main character. He worked on developing the magical weapons known as Gears and was personally acquainted with the leader of the project, a person only known as "That Man." Sol himself is a prototype Gear, and the headband he wears both suppresses his darker nature and hides the telltale marks of being a Gear. After rebelling against That Man and fighting the Gears on his own, Sol joined the Sacred Order, a band of humans under the command of Ky Kiske leading a Holy War against the Gears. Near the end of the Crusade, Sol fought the Commander Gear Justice and lost, giving Ky time to seal away Justice and end the Crusade himself. Sol left the Sacred Order shortly thereafter, taking with him his trademark Firebrand sword and a deep hatred for Ky. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_in_Guilty_Gear http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/myPlace/guiltygear.html Major Appearances: Guilty Gear (Arcade, Playstation) 1998 Guilty Gear X (Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation 2) 2000 Guilty Gear XX (Arcade, Playstation 2) 2002 Guilty Gear Isuka (PC, Playstation 2, XBox) 2004 Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (DS) 2006 Guilty Gear Judgement (PSP) 2006 Other Links: http://www.fantasykat.com/shows/guiltygear.html http://holyzen.pixelatedempire.net/comic.php Better? More links?
  22. Having never played Suidoken, I'd have to say that #86 looks a hell of a lot like Luca Blight. The armor's pretty close, but the head is nothing like him (from what I've seen). #101...I have no friggin' idea.
  23. All I ask is that you don't do Sol Badguy, Linearity. I call him.
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