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  1. I read a lot of reviews that marked LostMagic as poor. I looks like the controls were a good concept but they completely screwed it up. Man, it looked interesting too. DS needs more RPGs Repeat after me: Zelda, Phantom of the Hourglass. Zelda, Phantom of the Hourglass. Actually, there are good RPGs coming our way soon. I hear good thing about Magical Starsign whatever, although I haven't read much about it. And of course there's FF3. And Contact.. er, is that out already?
  2. Make them buy you four more flowers to make up for it.
  3. I read a lot of reviews that marked LostMagic as poor. I looks like the controls were a good concept but they completely screwed it up.
  4. Lies and slander! I mean, it doesn't work. oops, my bad. 3565-5513-6606 Wewt, done. You can find my info at the Clan OCR page.
  5. Lies and slander! I mean, it doesn't work.
  6. One time when I lost a Flower Fest, I went back in time by 1 day, planted flowers in a big square shape, skipped ahead a day and I won. The guy who won before me moved away the next day. What a sore loser. D: Try it. Once when a friend of mine was messing with the time in the Gamecube Animal Crossing, it glitched and went forward a thousand years. Seriously. Needless to say, every square had a weed. I don't mess with the time of my DS for Animal Crossing. Bigfoot: Do you mean the actual furniture or the walls and flooring? Also, wanna swap friend codes? I only have one friend on AC and it makes me sad.
  7. My hate for you knows no bounds. Wait.. what I MEANT to say was, that looks pretty sweet. A friend of mine has the Piranha Plant hanging out in his living room. He keeps trying to foist it off on me. I got the entire mush set during the Acorn Festival last week, so I'm happy. I wish there was a mush couch...
  8. The PSP isn't a failure. It's done pretty good. It just hasn't done as good as the DS, which is the opposite of what Sony has said several times this year. Yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't mean to imply that it was so bad they'd stop making it, just that the numbers are low, so it is highly unlikely what they said is the truth, even applying it to the world as a whole.
  9. I heard the PSP fared better in the European countries. But not enough to make up for THAT horrible of a failing. o__O; I think it's funny that they sold more PS2s than 360s.
  10. Kitsuta

    Sony PS3

    Yeah, that's actually a good question. Preorders were open for about 5 minutes*, weren't they? Did anyone on OCR managed to snag a preorder in that time? The Damned: Pssh. Only Nintendo fanboys don't like Sony. Now stop trolling and get back to where you belong! *Well, maybe it was 10.
  11. Kitsuta

    Sony PS3

    What would be hilarious is if they said stuff like that(ie, predicting their console is gonna sell out and making a big deal about it) and it turns out the Wii also sells out at the ridiculous number of units it has. And for your amusement... http://pressstarttoplay.net/comics.php?date=051214 Now get back to the Wii thread! Sheesh.
  12. Kitsuta

    Sony PS3

    Why the hell do you care? Stop taking it so personally. I'm not sure he's taking it personally... There's nothing inherently wrong with copying someone else's ideas.* If you do it better than they did or apply it in a new way, you deserve the market share you will probably get. This argument works for Nintendo as well - they certainly don't invent technology, they aren't that kind of company. They just take existing technology and apply it to games. Original? Maybe. Innovative? Technically not. Stupid, gimmicky or an insult to gamers? Unlikely. The same with the PS3. Sony saw a good idea with the Wiimote. I don't think their implementation is exactly stellar, but I may be proven wrong later on. At any rate, if companies didn't copy off of other companies, gaming - heck, mainstream technology itself - would never get anywhere, so please, no more whining about how any company is stealing ideas from any other. *See: The personal computer as we know it today. Many hold that Xerox invented the graphical user interface, but they don't make computers now do they?
  13. If you wanna go all out... http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7760648&st=Intec&type=product&id=1142288922417 I own this and love it. Don't be too hard on the insides of the case though, those little dividers can pull apart from enough of a beating. Keep in mind I don't carry my DS to many places. I chiefly use this case to store my DS+games in an easy and relatively small place in my room, and to bring it with me when I'm doing major galavanting. The little game cases are great for DS games, though. They each hold four games a piece and are small enough to fit in your pocket along with the DS.
  14. Oops. Man, I gotta start reading the article people link to before the rest of their post.
  15. It's a deal. I just got James' mail(from 8 hours ago.. curse you Gmail!) and he's not really planning on spending any time here in NC. Things should be simple in this case - we can pick him up after we arrive at the con, and drop him off at the airport before we leave. So that's definitely an extra seat in the car. Although we might have to have five people in the car at once. Eesh. I dunno, we might end up taking two cars. That'd probably be a royal pain, though.
  16. No, I hadn't, because we don't know if we are taking you or not. You said you had a ride without us. If you came, would he have to come too? That might be too many people. As I said, all up in the air. I don't even know if James is riding with us. I emailed him but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Broken: Brendan's not on right now, but I'll pass on the message.
  17. Kitsuta

    Sony PS3

    Are you really sure about that? I mean, it's certainly logical and possible. But if that were the case, why would they have to delay launch in Europe? Did they just want to flip Europe off or what? Although I'm sure that they knew for a long time there wouldn't be a lot of units due to production costs, I don't think they staged the production errors and Blu Ray issues that caused them to reduce their expected shipment numbers and push back the launch in Europe. That's just going overboard.
  18. Yeah, it seems that The Damned thought it was a remake of a game that was released in the US. It's not. It's a remake of a game that WASN'T released in the US. The remake looks awesome sweet and I want it. Nintendo Power had a bunch of stuff on it and it looks really, really good. Also, it topped the charts in Japan for at least one week(that was actually the week that every spot in the top 10 was taken by Nintendo). Can't wait till it comes here.
  19. I'm coming. I'm probably rooming with entirely different people from OCR and noone else. Besides, the only two people I'd room with already have plans. As for riding.. ugh, I dunno. My sister and her husband are a pain in the ass when it comes to making plans. I'll just say I can take one, MAYYYYYYYYYYBE two people. We've got a definite three in the carpool already. Er, two. Definite two. In other words, rides are up in the air. I live near Raleigh/Cary/Apex/wtfh NC.
  20. The position seems right, but I doubt they want you to blow as if you were actually blowing up a balloon. Some people(myself included) don't know how. Try just blowing at it like you were cooling off hot food or something, assuming that's not already what you're effectively doing.
  21. Are you holding it level with your chest or closer to your waist? I think close to your waist(in terms of vertical height) is best.
  22. Ever played Brain Age on the DS Lite? Getting it to recognize my voice - especially "blue" and distinguishing between "six" and "seven" - was a bitch for me. But if I hold it a foot or so away from me, it works like a charm. I think Nintendo designed the DS thinking that people would play like that, and not have their face right up against the DS like many do. DJM: Just imagine reading a textbook or something in a normal sitting position. Hopefully you don't put books right up against your face. Then, hold the DS like that, and it should work better.
  23. The DS Lite is built to be hard to turn off. I've actually failed to turn it off before when I was done with it. So it is likely not you turning it off. Have you tried playing while it was plugged into the charger? Does it get hot? Any error messages, white screens, etc? Have you tried Nintendo's website or customer support?
  24. Kitsuta

    Sony PS3

    On principle I hate it, but practically I don't care. I probably won't be getting any kind of new TV until around 2009, and even that's only going to happen if something gets thrown at our current one. I will not likely have HD for a very, very long time. There just isn't enough support for it, especially in terms of TV programming, where you have to pay a major premium to get the HD channels. There's no tangible reason to get a high-def player/movie - faster and bigger is great, but it's nothing compared to what the advantages were of switching from VHS to DVD.
  25. Actually, that makes absolute sense. Anime that is brought stateside is copyrighted to a bajillion companies. Of course, we do get many anime games(One Piece was supposed to be a good one, I think). I think these compilation games in particular would be a bitch to move over, especially since many characters in those games might not have corresponding anime/manga here. As an example, Houshin Engi has an english anime counterpart(Soul Hunter) but as far as I know, there is no translated manga to go with it. And in the cover of that game, most(all?) of those characters are their manga versions.
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