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  1. You should provide some more analysis with that blue shit for other types of compression. VBR V0 versus CBR 320 particularly interests me.

    The easiest way I can tell if any particular song requires a higher bitrate (without going all crazy with that graphing stuff) is by converting a WAV to FLAC, and looking at the average kbps rate throughout the song. (Though I may be missing something here.) I assume by that method, one could see if that opera example truly is a "terrible" one or not, by seeing how far the FLAC dips down. Hm, kinda' makes me wish there was another type of FLAC-like format that wasn't as restrictive as MP3 VBR is, yet was engineered with human-hearing limits in mind. ...Maybe that's called OGG! (Made by the same people, too.)

    (As a random not-really-relating note: recording a human voice to WAV, then FLAC-converting it, leads to a pretty small size. But as soon as I add some effects to it in Reason [default reverb patch on full-power], the FLAC size doubles.)

    I got it right awhile ago. Couldn't tell the difference really until the end. Though now that I think about it, even after listening to it all that time ago, I remember I could put my finger on this certain open-ness throughout the entire 320kbps opera clip. I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing at the time of the listenings, but it ended up being my backup reason for choosing the correct one. And with dann's WAV clip, it just makes more sense (it being slowed down sounds really awful, however).

    If anything here is true, it's the fact that backing shit up as technically as possible sure beats just talking out of an ass. (Not saying I've done any good tech-talk here.) Unless the person desires to continue living a life of uncertainty.

  2. The opening sounds like it's got a sound quality problem (can't put my finger on what kind), though apparently that's some effect you deliberately chose to put over it. I guess it's alright!

    Since I'm a critical sort of guy: the whole first section, with the percussion and main progression, makes me want to critique this negatively ("it's just verbatim Zeal with percussion!"). However, when 1:28 comes in, it turns into a really cool style. Because of that, I'd have 1:28-1:39 play longer, before that main Zeal melody commences. Extending it like that would really have affect on many more people. It would make critical people less critical about the song as a whole, imo, as it did in my case, because it would bring something new to the Zeal theme. So, once they'd hear the entire song and go back to the beginning, they'd enjoy it a lot more. (Kind of like the first synth lead part of Beatdrop's new mix before the 32nd notes.)

    I don't enjoy vocal clips. Unless maybe they were put under some effect. Effects make EVERYTHING better :D. Lots of songs use just plain voice when they could easily make things more interesting by putting it under an effect that compliments the rest of the song. I mean, if vocal clips are even necessary at all.

    Ending is good. Reflects that 1:28 section.

    As for production, it's good enough...

    ...Though, if choosing to go the extra mile on your current sound-producing capabilities: it could be more open, bigger and fuller (comparing to all those l33t electronic artists out there). Volume as voltage/amp'age REALLY makes a difference in any song ever. After all, if you can't hear a song('s details), why bother listening? With my headphones plugged directly into my computer's slot, and everything imaginable at max volume (no headphone amp), there's a certain oomph not present in this that's present in a lot of retail electronic music. Though obviously don't make it clip, should you decide to experiment with volume. And I'm sure there's something more to do with it than volume (ala maximizer), but that's not exactly my strong point.

  3. Best mix in awhile the end.

    The appearance of the first gritty synth lead (1/6 through the song) made me a bit weary of the rest of the song. Then the 32nds came and it was all unique from there.

    The most important aspect of music today, in my opinion, is to find a sound that's unique---and that's what's present here. Electronic buffs, make yourself at home with this ReMix.

  4. The surf section doesn't "ultimately" ruin the song. It's probably the most enjoyable section of the song BECAUSE of how random/unexpected it is*.

    The orchestral intro is well-done, too.

    But when the guitars drop out, I don't really like the lead synth at all (needs to be accompanied with something more gritty, or rather have the entire sample be different). Then, leading it up to the bright cheerful lead sample, that's a good sound and I like it, but I think it's too lonely for too long (kind of a minor nitpick, since the next section uses it along with that Pendulum-style section).

    Mainly, I think most critics really would like to see the song more fleshed out. It suffers from the syndrome I have with making music, where I have sections of music only last for like 8 measures. With longer duration and a somewhat-better mixing of sounds to give things a fuller meaningful feel in certain places, this would be quite perfect.

    Certainly it's extremely important for people to enjoy what they truly like hearing and express that, rather than let nostalgia take them over 100%. It's very natural for people to compare OCRs with retail songs (production or otherwise), and love and nostalgia for games can overshadow that a little. Sure it may be a little harsh sometimes. ...But there's quite an abundance of people out there who will think it's the best remix ever, as well.

    For me, I wouldn't mind if every song created from now on was a mix of genres, because there's already been so much stuff done in familiar territory. (Doesn't mean it always has to be hardcore and 'fun'; it could be super meaningful, too.)

    *Though I may have a bias 'cuz I know this super-cool dude who really likes fun works like this, and I'm reminded of him every time something like this comes up.

    ...I wonder how great this would sound on expensive and colorful car stereo system. The final heavy section really made me wonder that. With all the negatives and double-thought out of the way, it's actually quite nice to just sit back and enjoy it. And yes, Pendulum is good. (offtopic: Speaking of cool contemporary artists like Pendulum... Robot-O-Chan, the song not the mediocre [imo] album, by Prometheus is one of the most enjoyable and well-written songs I've heard lately, along with Ribbon on a Branch by Younger Brother.)

  5. Here are some very under-represented songs (in the remixing community), from SOTN.

    They aren't the best VG songs ever or anything IMO, but they seem like they could be the most popular for those familiar and into the game. ...Besides that over-remixed Dracula's Castle theme.

    Now if there's only some way to not show the videos in this large fashion.


    Rainbow Cemetary

  6. I'm sure he would like the idea of a site for flacs if the background design had a huge letters saying DJP ROCKZ DA HIZZOUSE YO D00DZ OCR CHECCIT AIGHT. But torrents are good, too, though I think it's awesome to manage sites that have huge files via HTTP (and for user-uploads I plan on using FTP), as it shows progress towards better and better bandwidth capabilities. For instance, the basic plan of my Web host (Lunarpages) keeps upgrading bandwidth availability. Taken from here:

    "1,500 Gigs Storage!

    15,000 Gigs Data Transfer!"

    And it's stayed the same price. It's rather quite scary. It started out much smaller a couple years ago.

    I'm theoretically taking a risky chance on bandwidth by making the site available. But lots of things in which I take great interest and initiate never seem to gather many people's attention, so until I see a decent amount of people submitting, I feel like this is just going to be a waste.

    (I know I'm just wasting more time not trying to get a method for upload and advertisement, but I got this sudden feeling that I'd be killing my school grades if I do. I guess that final semester stretch does it to me. Actually, instead of doing nothing at all, school or otherwise, until the last second during this feeling, as per the usual when it occurs, I should just get all my school stuff out of the way to feel refreshed again.)

  7. What the hell is this? Your Socket and OoT forest temple mixes are some of my favorite in the remixing community. But this...this is a travesty!!!

    So, do I win the award for harshest critique? What about least informative?? Anyway, apparently I don't like the genre of Strange Overcoat or repetitive default-esque, 'mixing software'-sounding synth bass samples. I can't really say anything about the other samples, because even if some incredibly awesome sample or samples were to take the lead, all current samples would be out of place.

    The fanatic tower of power stuff actually sounds good as a fusion of warped voices in this already-warped style of music. But the very last bit when they're sampled by themselves has to go.

  8. I think the piano is too open, as if it was some kind of background ambient sound. IMO it should be louder (maybe I mean crisper/sharper) yet more centralized to a particular panning.

    The beginning is too much of a kick in the face. A tiny bit more buildup would be good. Maybe start with the percussion a little less complex, then make it complex and then bring in the bass. But don't spend too much time on this.

    The 16th melody sample actually sounds unique to the song. Actually, during it, the "open" piano sounds good. So perhaps follow my piano suggestion then keep it the way you have it, though it still may sound good with less piano ambiance throughout the whole/most of the track.

    The opening strings sound a little hissy or something. Maybe it's the low bitrate. Actually, realizing this is actually 320kbps...looking at the waveform, everything looks quite loud. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it would be interesting to me to see what this looks like (and sounds like) at a higher sampling rate and bit depth. (So maybe you could PM me with a sample of a WAV at the highest possible resolution.) Overall I hear clipping throughout the whole track. It all just sounds scratchy to me.


    I don't know anything about ASP/PHP/Java(script)/VBscript/MYSQL/databases (they all seem cool but hard to initially understand/implement via webresources alone) so I can't figure out how to make users upload FLACs (only accepting FLACs) which would then upload to individual folders I have and then show a field of uploads for other users to download FLACs with visible ease.

    Actually, if I wanted to open up the playing field even more, I could allow APE or other lossless formats. Not too sure about that.

  10. Either my download for cotmm's just-linked flac mix keeps corrupting or the file is corrupt. It won't play past a certain point in my Winamp or even load in Audacity.

    I'm almost done with a site whose content will be geared toward user-submitted FLAC remixes from the most popular VGremix site out there (OCR VGMIX KWED THASAUCE ...and even ANIREMIX). It won't be anything close to ocr-quality in terms of coding...for now.