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  1. edit: made mistake in subject title; editing does nothingggg sort of.

    edit 2: revised the mashup.


    I am here to offer everyone my briefly-worked-on mashup of the Dune Soundtrack's Ecolove and GrayLightning's Dezoris Winter.

    I PMed Gray about this, but his private message box is full. Perhaps someone can send this message to him?

    tl;dr: the link to my mashup is right in the quote. and now optional: flac

    Hi there. You may remember me from our long-ago conversations of us both liking Grandia! Well those were good times. But I'm here to ask a weird favor. Could you send me a wav version of Dezoris Winter, and at 91.91 BPM? There's this song on the Dune album (Bart Klepka remixed a song from the same album for Arrakis Wormsign) called Ecolove, and it's in the same key signature, really close to the BPM of your remix, and even has a really similar vibe to it as your Dezoris Winter. I would like to create a Mashup and think it would be really cool/interesting if I had some lossless material to work with in order to create this potential masterpiece of coincidental proportions.

    That is, of course, if you're cool with letting me use your song for such a purpose. I would likely post about it when I'd finish.

    I actually made a version already from the files I already have, and changed BPM/etc. The ending might need some work, but I'm really glad with how the rest turned out. I can upload the Ecolove original if you want. edit: the ending sounds at least better than it once was now that I revised the whole thing.

  2. Hm, game design. I'm definitely not an artist (really bad at that). But plotting out "how things should be" is a type of design, I'd assume. I'm always thinking about things and how they "should have been done this or that way", so somewhere in the myst of the gaming industry ladder I should be able to be influential in that sense, without having to know code or be artistic (pictorially, anyway). I'm not much of a complete inventor of genius overall gameplans, but with others' work before me, I could potentially correct their oversights for the better. Kind of like remixing game music, though creating something from nothing isn't completely beyond me.

    I'm still up in the air for anything. I rarely play games ever anymore, but I feel it might be refreshing if I go into its field and believe I'm improving things.

  3. I only listened to the first version so far. I like how long it is already, and cohesive it is.

    The part leading up to the breakbeat section was really weak, however. It's a pretty standard concept in songs like these, so if you're going to continue to have that section there, I would make it more fitting with the rest of the song. [Listening to the 2nd version, what I just mentioned in this paragraph has been fixed. Cool.]

    I definitely think it's an improvement over the original, as a stand-alone song. I was a little pessimistic at the very start, it being a Deku Tree remix, but the feeling of the repeated melodic progression reminds me a lot of this song: Magic_Lamp_-_(Ellywu2).mp3. This computer doesn't have it, so I can't upload it, and I don't know what game it's from, but that's what it's called, and that's who it's by. Harmonic minor breakbeat music is great. I could upload once I set up my other computer.

    Most of the song's structural progression relies on the percussion, and I think that's swell, but near the end I got this feeling that some new, melodic sample, or variation of melodic samples, could make the melody more powerful, without being too cheesy.

    [Now that I've listened to the 2nd version, there was a decent amount of change. This is mostly a good thing, but like someone mentioned, the wobbly stuff after the ping pong percussion fadeout could be more fitting to the rest of the song if it was handled differently.]

    Keep working on this. It could turn out really great. I think the duration could go on at least another minute. An extended version could go on for 5 minutes, even.

  4. This sound is really unique. The production could use a bit of work, but I know diddley about that. I'd also like if there was a little more substance to it overall, BUT I think that's just because of how the production currently is. Kind of like how the limited sound of the NES chip needed a lot of substance to make up for potentially low production values. All I know is that Combinators are your friend. Same with that Default Mastering device or whatever:

  5. It's a solid idea. Do you have any leads on where you want to test?

    My school (Orlando, FL, UCF) actually has a video game production college. Too bad it's fucking owned (pwned?) by EA, basically (the college touts EA-affiliation as some sort of positive trait). Makes me want to stear clear from that place. Instead of crappo EA, I'd much rather work for Nintendo o' tha USA. Yo. Fuck. ok anyway that's just my immediate idea.

    It feels like half the people on the internet say game testing is a horrid job, and the other half says it pays really well. For now, from feedback here and elsewhere, it's not something much to consider anymore, and I should just talk to that advisor about the general Digital Media offerings that I could get myself into.

    Game producer might be nice, actually. Telling people what to do is awesome, as everyone knows. It's just that I thought my ideas would sound so logical to people, that even if I was "merely a game tester", they would pull through to the very end. Then again, people are stupid.....i mean probably won't care since the person I'd be telling would probably be like "oh, ok dude, sounds great" and then think about dying 'cuz he hates his job. or something. to think pessimistically.

    Guess I should bring this link out ->

    Basically where I got most of my positive outlook from. At least it's presented (somewhat) better than a lot of other retarded game tester guide preaching sites.

  6. Well, I've already got the concept down that a job is a job, which is why I was hoping there was some college degree that I could get which would make me able to snag a decent paying job while at the same time not being too grunt-worky.

    I mean, if a job is a job, and I don't see practically any as being particularly enjoyable, then there's no really complaining about indecisiveness. It just seemed to me that video game testing could let me give feedback about the game, because I very much think I would be able to suggest really awesome features for games that I rarely see implemented. I guess if game testing is literally the garbage heap of the gaming field, then I should use college to gain position in some field that would accccttually let me achieve that desire to suggest features.

  7. I have had my mind all over the place as far as careers go. From Information Technology to Health Administration to Financial Accounting. And now I am interested in being a Game Tester.

    I have read from many online sites that it can net you up to 80-100+ dollars an hour. But according to that Wikipedia article, it says solely $8-$15, no questions asked, basically. What's the deal here?? I'm going to speak to an advisor in Digital Media at UCF on the 4th, but until then I was wondering if anyone here has any non-biased informative experiences with yourselves or friends/relatives. I also heard at another place that 10-20 dollars an hour can be made for someone without a college degree, and upwards of those previously-mentioned high rates can be earned with a degree.

  8. The opening and ending background reminds me of The Extreme from FF8.

    The Primey synth first four notes remind me of Chrono Trigger theme.

    The remix reminds me of Skytown and Prime 3 opening theme.

    Ok, fine, enough with my obvious observations.

    (3rd line is sarcastic in nature, obviously.)

    Overall, if I don't think about other ways to remix this diverse theme, and just listen, it's solid and great. Can't think of anything else (maybe some more volume dynamics). I wouldn't mind looping this for awhile. It seems like you like remixing the best themes. Great philosophy! :]

  9. I made a decent sized thread requesting this game, too.

    I always thought Megalomaniac was overrated ever since I grew tired of it. I have to say that the remix has a really refreshing touch to it. Nice.

    I would love to see any of these five mixed, because they're my absolute favorites whose appeal never exhausts. But as this MegaloMix shows, even my less liked ones can be made enjoyable.

    S01.spc is kinda complex. I wouldn't ever be able to tackle that one.

    I got some crazy idea to make S03.spc's bpm a lot faster and make it some sort of speed rock/techno/whatever mix (I'd like to mix genres up if I ever work on it). That would be nutsly awesome. As a less intense version, it sounds like something djp would remix.

    I think S21.spc would benefit from being mostly like the original, but played Live (lol) or something. I really believe this source material should be known by many. It's simple and very pretty sounding yet unique all at the same time.

    Haha. Remix project: LIVE A LIVE: LIVE! I'm a genius.

  10. He only mentioned "steady beat" and "amazing soundtrack", though. There are amazing soundtracks out there that are easier to mix. Complex melodies and chord progressions (etc.) are undoubtedly harder to comprehend than simple ones, regardless of whether or not they have a steady beat.

  11. I just remembered how good this song is. Tons of remixing potential, too.

    While I'm at it: Does anyone know which track off the Earthbound Remix Project remixes Threed, if any? It's impossible to find that individual mix, if it does exist. The original track names aren't given anywhere, as far as I know.

  12. Since we're speaking of formats and bitrates, I just realized that the music on the Brawl page is encoded at a pretty low rate. It's like 80kbps or something. Similar conversion method as Youtube, and Youtube audio always sounds awful. So not all hope is lost. I'm curious as to how they will handle Brambles from DKC2.

  13. This song is amazing. Just raise the volume in Audacity and you're ready to go.

    The sound quality for some reason, while not being what you'd standardly hear in a song, sounds way better in certain ways indescribably. No one I show this to seems to like it, but perhaps only due to the volume.

    Speaking of raising volume...

    Here's a version with the volume raised. I went in Audacity and used the pencil tool to get rid of some of the higher volume peaks, and then raised the volume of the whole song. PM me if you're interested in a FLAC version. It does go in the red zone occasionally, barely, but I don't notice degredation in quality; I just notice how much better it sounds when louder! Useful when you just have an on-board sound card.

    This is more 80's rock than techno. The drums do get a little monotonous after awhile, and with the right touches more power *could* be put into this without it losing its appeal. I have to say, after raising the volume, I noticed the pitch-raising synth near the end is the most powerful section in the whole song; a certain point after it, though, it goes back to normal power, which is a little disappointing. I tried to alleviate that in the above version.

  14. Hello, I am back again with yet another weird song! Except this time hopefully it's enjoyable. It's the best thing I've done, easily. It's pretty much a fusion piece.

    I need to make the first part of the song longer. Loops are default from Reason, but the rest I composed/mixed together.

    edit: somewhat revised version:

  15. Maybe a little lessening of the static effect is in order, but the ending sounds very appropriate as it is, and may feel a little random if the static was completely removed from all but the ending.

    Speaking of the ending (the forest theme 8th notes + main theme), it is solid and the best part (nice bell quality, appropriate strings, fitting complexity, much-needed arranged drum programming), and I have nothing to say that would make it better. But maybe the last few measures could do something different. The notes currently there hardly represent themes from the rest of the piece. The repeating downward melody is present elsewhere in the song, so that sounds alright, but I can imagine some either fading-in, or simply quiet background 8th notes, arranged slightly differently than previous 8th notes, while those last notes are playing, instead of leaving that plunked-down semi-abrupt ending hanging without any 8th note buddies. Just an idea, that apparently involves much notes of eighths. Sorry I didn't download this (since I figure it'll be on OCR sometime), so I can't give exact seconds.

    The progression in the beginning is the same as in the ending, which is nice, and gives the beginning more meaning.

  16. I just got to the 4th planet and hope there's still lots more to do with this game, since it has so much potential to just break out into a bunch of awesome exploration (but probably won't). This thread seems to be talking about a bunch of spoilerific details recently, so I just skipped the last pages. I remember someone wondering what people's favorite music is. Does the music get better than Skytown? I actually like the "omg metroids" music, too (that one chord is great). Definitely wish they didn't go the orchestrated route for the majority. People keep mentioning some ice place, but it seems to only last for two seconds. I hope there's more. Needs more. More. Really disappointed by the music, overall. Might be better if I implemented the facade of a hi-tech surround system over it. Maybe Darkesword (or someone) could make Skytown into a lonely guitar piece. Or nothing at all since it's already quite a bit in his style anyway.

    For the controls, I changed every default, almost. Switch jump/shoot for obvious reasons, removed HUD lag, switched visor buttons since I use scan every two seconds, changed to advance sensitivity, kept free lock-on, though. I like the switched jump/shoot way better because you use what they call your "trigger-finger", and probably doesn't move the wiimote around as much.

    So far most mysterious place is Valhalla. Makes me wonder about things. Need more of that feeling elsewhere. Maybe the game truly gets better as you keep playing, with Retro unleashing their full-force steps at a time.

  17. Perclexic Inconcision 30 second WIP

    The part after the crash cymbal is pretty random and only in there for slightly humorous reasons. I'll change that somehow. Otherwise I'm quite pleased with this weirdness.

    This thread originally said the time signature of this song is weird, but I just added one beat to the beginning of the song, and the whole song became 4/4, except for the part in the middle where the melody repeats.

    I guess it's sorta like Flim by Aphex Twin. Reminds me of dancing cats, then Flim, then some strange thing.

  18. I made a thread not too long ago, offering a mega-mix that includes calm, pleasant, atmospheric music. But that's then and this is now.



    Here is the order of songs.

    The unabbreviated, super-long-just-for-the-heck-of-it title is called Journey from the Beginning of Time through the Superficial to the Recognition of Beauty, because I imagined some stories during the compiling and listening of it. :)

    It includes as many energetic/fun songs as possible, but there's actually more to it than that, as expressed in the title. See if you can create your own story while listening. I spent a shitload of time making this thing ok. I often find myself unable to stop listening and can't stop dancing whenever that mashup section comes up in the middle of the mp3 (which occurred completely by accident yet sounds incredibly awesome). I can only hope that various artists enjoy seeing their songs in this. :) The style of the megamix is to implement 1) BPM changing to fit songs on top of each other, on occasion, and 2) adjust volume levels as to hope to achieve smooth sailing [this was easily the most annoying part]. I did everything in Audacity, which is very time-consuming. I could actually probably have used a decent amount more fun songs to replace the more "cool" songs, which would cause much more toe-tapping, but I like to mix and match themes at least a little bit.

    I've found headphones are best to use, while playing loudly, but I'm sure y'all know how to listen to music. It's mostly game/remix stuff, but there are two original songs in there by some guy named TERMINATUS he's the man. I planned on using some non-game, but there were so little of them. It's for the better!