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  1. Absolutely incredible imaginative as all get-out track that could have all sorts of interpretations.

    I think it has unique additions in its second half, to add insult to injury when it comes to continually bringing the hurt (of infinite musical inspiration!).

    Maybe as some sort of prog rock thing (just to get the creative juices/inspirations floating, in any common-folk reading this), but could be literally anything!

    I haven't posted here in years, almost to the point of absurdity that I would ever have any newfound purpose for doing so. But this has awakened my soul back here.

    ... CALLING C-JEFF!? ...One can dream.

  2. I've decided to do all I can, to figure out how to get some leads on my ruminations in my post above.


    Here is my mission statement pasted from #thasauce on EsperNet (since that's where they say to go on


    [15:40:34] <audityo> heya, found an odd website with old info on vgmix x tracks
    [15:41:07] <audityo> was thinking of going through and seeing if i can contact people to see if more can be found for
    [15:41:13] <audityo> thru this information
    [15:41:16] * audityo is now known as audity
    [15:41:34] <audity> (or i guess vgmix in general not just X, but i'm really interested in X)
    [15:42:06] <audity> already e-mailed the website owner though he might take a week give or take to respond, probably
    [15:43:33] <audity> too bad i didn't find this site earlier, since has gone through so many versions now, some of the MP3s seem to be gone now haha, if they were ever there
    [15:43:55] <audity> of course those are just 128kbps reconverts of the original mp3s i think
    [15:52:06] <audity> but hopefully the owner has them all anyway (and maybe more)
    1) Already found a VGMix X track that sounds nice, and doesn't appear to be on, though I don't see any way to download it from this myspace.


    2) Here is a ZIP file that definitely has 3 tracks that were on VGMix X, but aren't on VGMixArchive. You can look at Astroblahhh's website (the second link at the top of this post) to double check that it's correct.


    My ultimate goal is to find some remixes that I personally remember as being fantastic. I hope something more can come out of this.


    That's enough for today's work. In some day's time I will continue to look at Astroblahhh's website to see if there could even be some "VGMix 2" stuff that is not present on VGMixArchive. I think that should be enough effort from me to prove that I'm serious about this—in hopes to take things even a step further (if someone does still have VGMix X's website layout/shell stored away).

  3. So nobody has even the layout saved from VGMix X?


    There were so many remixes there! And some of them were pretty enjoyable.


    If you go to there is no way to even see the "songs pages" from VGMix X!

    One of the admins of VGMix X has to have this layout/information, ...right?


    I still think it's possible one of the admins has it—so we can at least see the information, let alone lost MP3s.


    virt? anyone?



    I've been streaming the entirety of the SNES's musical library—alphabetically, from, in order to find "good music."

    I started months ago. I'm currently on letter B.

    I have already finished letter A, and I have strung together a megamix/medley for it, which can be found here:



    The plan is to have:


    1) A personal assortment of music files from the SNES's music library – which maybe others besides me would like to listen to, from curiosity.

    2) A megamix for each letter, because I like megamixes for some reason.

    3) At the end of the project, a megamix or series of megamixes that spans all letters A-Z (selecting the best from the previous megamixes).

    4) Perhaps some further-condensed lists of music from the whole library, to prevent having a huge amount in one comprehensive list.



    This is an archived video from the latest stream. (Hopefully I can improve the quality of the stream, though it's not bad or anything.)

    I remember someone many years ago on this forum said he was going to go through every single SNES game's music. I'm not sure what happened to him. But here I am, and I don't think I'm going to stop.

  5. The only experience I have with SMS is hearing djp gush about it endlessly, hence making ReMixes for it, thus eventually inspiring me play the first Phantasy Star back in 2002 (on emulator, and once more in 2015 [on the same emulator for the most part, until I realized there are way better ones after more than a decade passing, somehow successfully transferring the save files over despite them being a different file type, by simply renaming it to them, with no guides on how to do that that I'm aware of]). I think it's equal to, or better (this, personally), than FF1 for the NES. I have not thought about listening to the rest of the system's library of music even once, though, despite really liking the music to Phantasy Star. Then I ran across this video with fully mysterious to me music, making it a nice treasure trove.



    The music is really bright, less gritty than NES perhaps, making it relieving to hear, as a contrast I suppose. Maybe the NES has better variability, and sometimes layers, even smoothness (however, Galaxy Force is sounding really smooth right now!), though, and maybe some better musicians, overall, too. Maybe the atmosphere given as initial influence for the console's creation was primarily being overly happy-type music (also true since the samples bring that out), so that's the line artists went with, for a larger portion for its library. Yet there are still tense tracks, like the one at 25:35. Like the NES, it seems to require taking a break before listening to too much; but maybe a more refined or thought-out list could prevent that.

  6. Yes I'm reviving this thread again. We need to somehow collect a lot of the VGMix X stuff that seems to be gone forever. It's almost like, no one even mentions VGMix X anymore. There were some really cool things there, and again nobody is talking about them. I made a megamix of stuff that was there in 2008, had a huge blast scouring the website and coming across really unique remixes. Unfortunately it was lost in a crash; no one I gave it to seems to have it any longer. (I wish I could just read that text document in the link, because there are remixes that I can't even remember the artist to, let alone the title.) There was a Walk On A Rainbow trance remix that was the first time I'd ever heard that source composition, and it is a really spectacular memory that I have of listening to it. Anyway, I'm using this occasion to try and let people know that the VGMix X scene nostalgia representation is extremely lacking in 2015 (lol). How could seemingly just about all of them be lost? I fear that somehow, since by now nothing seems to have happened, that it's going to be nearly impossible to get a hold of people who have the remainder... even possibly the host of the files, whether that's solely virt or some other people. 

  7. Just got to this point in the series again, after replaying them all 13 years later from my first play. I stopped playing to go to sleep, but I knew I had to come here again and listen to this, having not heard it in maybe 10 years. Nothing really more to say than what feelings can be inferred from deciding to post here again. (I'm "AnotherOneBitesTheDust" from the first page in 2002.) I'm going to play this at the grave near the end of the game as a tribute, while streaming live, whenever I get to that point; so I hope the viewers get their tissues ready.

    I guess I can go into some interesting hindsight on what sounds dated—after not hearing it for 10 years, upon first listen (which is a perfect time to notice any imperfections). I thought the woodwind section in this ReMix broke the flow a little bit. And some of the guitar notes were too close together (at least, immediately coming from witnessing the game's rendition of everything). It's really fascinating thinking about it now, the technical limitations; and of course the meaningful additions found throughout the arrangement thwart the bad. I'm glad it holds up overall after all these years, in multiple ways. I can and have, somehow, seen/thought that some people might dismiss it as sappy, but that's because they don't understand enough, don't have enough meaning drawn for it; otherwise its subtleties are allowed to shine seemingly immeasurably.

    Listening to it again, I'm surprised I was even able to write all that in the moment. Definitely a better idea to keep listens to a minimum (preferably one, when the time is right), lest ye become a melodramatic person.

    edit: as for the title, I didn't get it either. But I think you can make it work if you think of the first breath being Chaz's.

  8. I just saw the kickstarter page with not many days left and the goal not yet halfway met. Please people I want to see this. What will happen if it's not met? I'd donate everything I'm worth, but that would be like 5,000. And that would be every last coin within my cryptocurrency wealth :(.

  9. What happened to the archives of this podcast/show? This is stuff of legends and should be preserved. To the uninformed: VG Frequency was the name of Liontamer's OCR/VGM radio show.

    (Someone even made a list of WAV files, clipping many many various words spoken by him. I don't have those anymore, though some are present in a video I made many years ago:


    One lesson to be learned here: the Internet is so unreliable as an archival service! Same lesson can be learned from VGMix outings. There was a remix on VGMix X of the ending theme from Yoshi's Cookie, that was superb, but now... it is no longer present, anywhere. I cannot even remember the name of the remixer. It is very, very sad. How many times must we make the same mistakes and never learn the lesson? (Or, well, just me, apparently, though given the VGMix example I'm sure there is a heavy plenty of others in similar boats.)

    Thank you!


    Lolo 3 is only in the USA. But it is the 'same' game as Lolo 2, in Japan, except this JP version has much tougher puzzles. But they have the same final boss theme, I think.

    And it's incredibly short. But way powerful. Would be cool if someone could make it in like a style of Gux's "Wily Metal" track on this website - except keep it in the same tempo/energy of the original Lolo track. Basically any type of direct extension with new instruments/samples would be perfect [because of how short it is], seems very inspirational for new tunage.

  11. someone make this the title of their aerith theme remix.

    it would be awesome if you made the song actually enjoyable.

    I kid of course, the original is okay. It would just be appropriate if the theme was a lot sadder sounding. Here is a great great example of sad music

    ... as you can hear, all orchestral. Though maybe even a few electronic music touches could be thrown in.

    I am not kidding about making the title "This Gal Are Dead", though.

  12. Hi I love you

    I added your voice to the end of my old video:


    I'm still having serious, serious IRC issues -- with other servers too, such as, and all the servers that I really love. It's really awful, makes no sense, a.k.a. for no reason; and I've been having to use some website-integrated Mibbit Widget on since February. ISP didn't help at all, none of my genius friends (not sarcasm) know anything about it, I'm not technically challenged (too much) so I've tried tons of troubleshoots to no avail. I'm kind of bad at proxies though, and actually internet connections knowledge in general, sort of. Somehow this "Mibbit Widget" works for the server, which is really odd. Even going to itself doesn't make it work!! Maybe the Mibbit Widget (for uses a proxy...? And there's now the topical new issue happening, i.e. #ocremix has that problem where I join (via Pidgin IRC) and I eventually get into the channel, when I'm lucky, only to be kicked out soon. (And all the while, mIRC doesn't allow anything to work at all. I.e. I can't join the channel, at all. ...I.E.)


    But anyway, really I was wondering if there was someone named "Xerol" in the chat. I saw that he has one of my WIPs, in a WINAMP Generated Playlist. It's a remix of "Testament" I made years ago, from Xenosaga 3. But a HDD crash caused me to lose a TON of my self-made music. I will maybe go make a thread eventually on the WIP boards. Basically any source of this community's people would be wonderful for me to have so I can ask around, if anyone has music/arrangements by me.

  13. I went through various archives and I didn't see the Tetris Attack trance remix of Walk On A Rainbow. I don't even remember the remixer. I don't remember the name of the mix. I even put it in a megamix I made. That's gone, too. We really need to find more VGMix X tracks. Especially that one.