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  1. One of the few lyrical songs on this site that I actually enjoy! I find myself singing this song at work, in the car, at home - well, pretty much everywhere (though not in that wow-crazy-fan-singing-all-the-time style). I like the way this sounds: there may have been some criticisms on its quality, but I've always felt it sounded similar to how a garage band playing in the - yes, you guessed it - summertime. It has a homegrown simplicity while trying to sound professional sound to it that gives it personality in my eyes. Perhaps that wasn't the intention, but that's what I got out of it. Gra
  2. I don't remember any of the Raptor music myself, but I did like the game. Therefore, I can only comment on the music as it stands alone, outside of its connection to any game. I like the song (note the stress on "like" - it doesn't go beyond that). It has a "rainy day" feel to it, and I really like that style. It's a great ambient groove song. Now, it's not the best ambient groove piece I've ever heard, so I can't say it's my favorite. I'm not sure why, really: it just doesn't rank at the top for me. I do know for certain that I don't like the way it fades out, and the two-minute marks falls
  3. I wouldn't have visited this thread if not for the amount of views. I enjoyed reading through many of the pages in this thread, so I do thank everyone who bumped this up enough to make it visible to me. However, unlike the last ten pages or so, I'm going to side with those who find this song lacking, and give it a negative review. There are very few songs here on this site containing vocals that I end up liking. I think the total count is around three. This was no exception. Of all the vocals, I found the introduction "waahs" the most - I don't know how to say it without it having the poss
  4. This was great! The introduction intrigued me, but I wasn't certain if the rest of the song would work well. Fortunately, things quickly changed, and I ended up bobbing my head with the beat. A definite entry in my playlist.
  5. I like it. The title describes the song well: it's very "slick". It has an old-school computer/video game vibe to it, without sacrificing sound quality. I wouldn't say there is much original about it, nor did it seem to be long enough; but what was presented was entertaining. There's something about it that keeps it from being in my top ten list (and I don't really know what it is), but I still think it's a good remix.
  6. I turned the music on, expecting to carefully listen to every second of it to give it a proper review. Half a minute after it ended, I suddenly realized I hadn't paid any attention to it; the ambient nature of the music had me surfing the web even while it was still playing, rather than giving it my full attention. I suppose, in a way, that because of my lack of attention, the music was made properly, and executed exactly the right response. When the song first came on, I figured I wouldn't be giving it much of a review, since it seemed like it was going to be boring elevator music. And, in a
  7. The song was great! Your aim to make "driving music" worked: I got that feeling immediately. I liked just about everything in the song! I thought near the ending things started getting a little muddy with all the instruments (I prefered the more sparse first minute). Otherwise, a great song!
  8. I think the length was just right. It kept things entertaining without rehashing the theme constantly. The ending of the song was pretty well done, but I think I would have liked a little more length to that portion: it cuts off a bit too fast for my liking. My favorite portion of the song was the first half: it had a great beat, good synth sounds, and was very catchy. The second half slowed down a bit, and while it too was good, I still think the first half was far better. Overall, I liked this remix!
  9. I never said it wasn't. My point is, if one wishes to present the site as professional, then keep it that way. Mixing in unnecessary personal comments can cause problems. Believe me, I know.
  10. I don't think any of us disagree: I'm sure we've all noticed the comments placed in most of the reviews. However, most of them are just basic "I'm really tired as I write this, because I did [x]", rather than a very pointed remark about something or someone related to the remix. Here, and for example, in the Pillar of Salt review (here: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01225/), pointed remarks are made and are obviously not mere teasing. Being unprofessional and dare I say unkind aren't something that should be in reviews, and should be taken seriously. Fine: but a thread in a forum and a pe
  11. I really liked this remix. The pacing, instruments, and arrangement gave a very uneasy, chaotic feeling to the song. The song evoked the feeling of a lone person fighting a huge battle in a foreign, alien world. And obviously, as we all know the source, such a feeling matches the game well. I could definitely see this being played in the background of System Shock 2. It has a very lonely, frightened, yet brave tone about it. I was a little worried about the ending, as I heard it start to fade out. Fading out works very infrequently with me, and I don't think this song was one of those that be
  12. A very simplistic, minimalistic song that still manages to have a certain charm to it. Some of the sample choices left me wondering what the remixer was thinking, since they didn't seem to fit with the genre nor the song. Obviously, to give a good review I must listen through the entire song. In this one, I was tempted not to listen all the way through. I found myself tapping my foot along with the beat, but the song wasn't enjoyable enough to continue listening to it. It wasn't until the banjo came in that I really became interested in this remix. The banjo portion had depth, atmosphere, ene
  13. Some of the samples used for the main melody, as well as most of the drums used in the song just didn't fit well with me. There are many good parts to the music, and the production quality is great. The song had depth to it: I liked the atmosphere. But as a whole, the few samples as well as the somewhat sparse melody throughout the run of the song made me give this a lower rating.
  14. I am in no way familiar with the source music. However, taking the music as it is and judging it on quality alone, I think it was done superbly and recorded well. A great piece of piano work. However, I think a little more treble by default and some more reverb would have helped this piece a bit.
  15. I knew there was something off about this song, but I didn't know what it was. It didn't really ever bother me; in fact, that "offness" is what makes me like this track. Knowing that it's offtune doesn't change my opinion about the song.
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