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  1. Simply put: this is incredible. Gave this one the full experience spectrum, using various state-altering substances and my brave self as the guinea pig, results are the same in every test. I played this one to my flatmate yesterday, who resultantly is now at home leeching the servers dry. Put this up with Terra in Black for stakes in the contenders for Best Mix Ever awards.
  2. [quote="NoWave And how can you import MIDI's into fruity loops to edit them?
  3. I wouldn't have put it *QUITE* like that, but at least somone saved me the trouble of trying to be uncharactaristically polite heh. It's not as abominable as THAT, but I must admit, while I was playing the game I was salivating at the idea of what OCRemix could come up with from the awesome music I was being treated to.... but yeah, the commodore 64 thing sticks.
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