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  1. Hello peoples! As you may be able to see, I am somewhat "new" on the OCR forums. So, yeah, just saying hi!
  2. Awesome, man! I love it, thanks!! Now...on to figuring out how to attach it... Thanks again SilentShout ! Your welcome! As I never say, "Give 'em what they want!". Also, why don't people request more siggys? Is it because *most* of the people here already have one?
  3. After some speaking and advice by a close friend, here is an updated version. Hope you like it!
  4. Though I'm no sig master, I'll work on it. EDIT: I finished it. If you don't like it, oh well. Here it is:
  5. The remix is pretty good. Kudos to SnappleMan. Although Donkey Kong isnt one of my favorites, I'd have to say this is good. VERY good.
  6. Nice name. Nice sig, also. Thanks! The font I used is from "Yoshi's Story". EDIT: I re-made my siggy now using a super mario bros font.
  7. Hiya! I'm kinda new to OcR. Although I sometimes came to OcR to listen to remixes, I never really came to the forums. So.....my main point is HI!
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