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  1. Is this the same Brandon Strader that screams like fuckin WHITE WHALE HOLY GRAIL in that one dkc2 remix? Goddamn, what the fuck kinda pussy shit post was THAT? rofl but seriously, with that safety cable thing and having three points of contact at all times, it's probably way more scary than actually dangerous BUT THATS JUST WHAT I THINK. @_@
  2. Posting in this thread Because I am a spam whore So it shall be
  3. Throw-down in Snowtown! If all you want out of life is to just be good at things, just remember that you’ll still look pretty bad next to someone who strives to be great. The story of my life, summarized in one short “Note-to-Self” kind of a statement. It was quite the depressing thought to be greeted with first thing in the cold winter morning. Here I am, halfway through my senior year of high school, and up until today, just about my greatest achievement was being good at a ridiculous variety of things. Although it would be considered an achievement for some people, being just ‘good’ wasn’t
  4. I've had alot of favorites in this album but one track stands out to me and that's Us Monkeys Together by Flickerfall. TOTALLY love that song, currently on Repeat as I type. Oh, and someone tell me how they got David Bowie to sing in Backwards Room. o_O
  5. Disregard that, I suck cocks, I was looking at the post date of the end of the first page... >_<
  6. I know this probably isn't the smartest way to ask but is there a current "Sig Shoppe" thread where people can request a sig to be made for them? I ran a search and the two that I looked at hasn't had a post in a year or two. Btw, nice to be back. Protricity, where you at?
  7. The thought of them actually taking that long to release this album almost leaves me in tears...
  8. So tell me again how donating money will help get those three done? I mean, the moar you know...
  9. So will there be a torrent for this album? I've been anxious to see how this one turned out and the anticipation is killing me. o.o
  10. Srsly, I remember this game as being pretty challenging since I've never been able to beat it before. Especially that place with all the stars. I played it a few weeks ago. Beat it in 2 hours. Maybe. 30+ lives. =(
  11. SN: BraD My Brawl FC: 4425-2959-5379 I can only play on weekends though. =\ Regardless, let's see if I can take anyone on without being screwed over by lagggggg.
  12. It would help to have that BSOD error code. On start up when it gives you the [F2 = Setup/ F12 = Boot menu], press F8 and see if it does anything. If I remember correctly, it should bring you to a menu with "Advanced Options". There should be about 10 options to choose from. Near the bottom of the list, there should be an option that pretty much says "Disable auto-restart on system lockup". Choose this option and then from there, if you get BSOD'd again, it should stay on the screen until you reboot. Deliver error code here, plox.
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