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  1. Is this the same Brandon Strader that screams like fuckin WHITE WHALE HOLY GRAIL in that one dkc2 remix? Goddamn, what the fuck kinda pussy shit post was THAT? rofl but seriously, with that safety cable thing and having three points of contact at all times, it's probably way more scary than actually dangerous BUT THATS JUST WHAT I THINK. @_@
  2. Posting in this thread Because I am a spam whore So it shall be
  3. Throw-down in Snowtown! If all you want out of life is to just be good at things, just remember that you’ll still look pretty bad next to someone who strives to be great. The story of my life, summarized in one short “Note-to-Self” kind of a statement. It was quite the depressing thought to be greeted with first thing in the cold winter morning. Here I am, halfway through my senior year of high school, and up until today, just about my greatest achievement was being good at a ridiculous variety of things. Although it would be considered an achievement for some people, being just ‘good’ wasn’t getting me anywhere. Running through my usual morning routine, I made my way to school. However, this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day for me. Today I was going to be competing in the Denali Conference Wrestling Tournament, facing off with other wrestlers in my region’s weight class for a spot in the State Tournament. It was a bigger deal since its being hosted in my hometown of Cordova, which hasn’t seen a wrestling tournament, let alone the Conference Tournament, in over 10 years. I should be excited being able to finish my 5th and final year of wrestling in front of my home crowd. However, there were a lot of things that happened this season that put me at a disadvantage. For the whole season, I was unable to attend tournaments due to injury, financial problems and grades from the previous school year. This was going to be my first tournament of the season and I have no idea what I’m up against. I arrive at school in time to see that a few teams had already settled themselves in our gym, Valdez being one of them. Cordova and Valdez have one of those high school rivalries that have been going on for decades before me. Sure, we’ll cheer for each other against the other competition but when it comes time for us to face each other, it can get pretty ugly. This is the reason why I usually look forward to going to the Throw-down in Snowtown Tournament, which is held every year in Valdez. It was Cordova’s only chance to look good in the rival school’s gym and I was very upset having missed it my senior year. The school day just seemed to fly by, with anticipation building every hour leading up to the beginning of competition. A few close friends wished me luck while most other people didn’t even know I was on the wrestling team. After school let out, we wasted no time preparing for the competition. Mats were immediately laid out, competitors were weighed in and the competition brackets were set up. There were only 6 people wrestling in my weight class, which meant I would have to win against three people to advance to the State Tournament. A teammate of mine, who was also a senior competing in my weight class, informed me about the other wrestlers in our bracket. My first opponent was apparently a ‘fish’, which amounts to an easy win in wrestling terminology. For our entire season, the team motto has been “No Regrets”; when you go out to compete, wrestle your best and leave everything on the mat. Shortly before competition started I told myself, “If today is my last day as a wrestler for this school, I’m going to go out, put on a show for my home crowd and go down with a bang!” In that moment, I had no idea how far those words would take me that night. When competition started, intensity filled the atmosphere quickly. I wrestled my first match against the ‘fish’ and although I made a few obvious mistakes, it didn’t take very much to win that match with a few people cheering me on. However, my next match wasn’t as much of a cakewalk. Winning that match would’ve secured my spot at the State Tournament as well as at least a 2nd place. Unfortunately, the guy I wrestled was very skilled and defeated me with ease. I didn’t feel as bad for losing later when he won 1st place and went on to wrestle in the title match at the State Tournament. After a fairly long struggle, I managed to pull off a win in my third match and the crowd grew louder. Suddenly, I found myself in the consolation bracket wrestling for 3rd place and the last spot to the State Tournament. As if it wasn’t enough hype generated by being the hometown senior wrestling for his last trip to the State Tournament, I was pitted against a wrestler from our rival school Valdez. I saw this as an opportunity to make up for missing that tournament in Valdez; this is going to be my Throw-down in Snowtown and I’m going to do it in front of my home town. Intensity filled the air even before the match had begun. From the blow of the whistle, we clashed in the center of the mat and even then, I knew that this was going to be a tough match. Using his forward momentum, I caught him in a head and arm throw. Suddenly, I had him on his back and was in position to end this match in the first round. However, he escaped my control and we were neck and neck for the rest of the match. There were about 50 seconds left in the match and with a one-point lead, I had to find a way to hold on. I tried to run out the clock but the referee awarded my opponent a point for my stalling, evening the score with about 10 seconds left. The crowd was on their feet for nearly the entire match and at this point, the noise was almost deafening. Before this, I’ve never really believed that I could make it this far and to be this close to victory, there was no way I could’ve ever settled for less. I had to find a way to make the seemingly impossible happen. With everyone in that gym rooting for me, I gave everything I had in those final moments to break out from my opponents control and score the winning point just before time expired. The crowd roared, stomped and cheered as my arm was raised in victory. The emotions I felt in that moment was unlike any I’ve ever felt before. To see everyone cheer me on and to see that I can exceed my own expectations if I just believe in myself was just amazing. From that point, I went on with a newfound self-confidence that helped me accomplish a variety of achievements. These ranged from winning various competitions to contributing back into the community among other things. Looking back on it, I’m actually glad I didn’t end that match in the first round like I could’ve. If I did, I would’ve have seen how far I could push myself. As T.S. Eliot once said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far once can go.”
  4. I've had alot of favorites in this album but one track stands out to me and that's Us Monkeys Together by Flickerfall. TOTALLY love that song, currently on Repeat as I type. Oh, and someone tell me how they got David Bowie to sing in Backwards Room. o_O
  5. Disregard that, I suck cocks, I was looking at the post date of the end of the first page... >_<
  6. I know this probably isn't the smartest way to ask but is there a current "Sig Shoppe" thread where people can request a sig to be made for them? I ran a search and the two that I looked at hasn't had a post in a year or two. Btw, nice to be back. Protricity, where you at?
  7. The thought of them actually taking that long to release this album almost leaves me in tears...
  8. So tell me again how donating money will help get those three done? I mean, the moar you know...
  9. So will there be a torrent for this album? I've been anxious to see how this one turned out and the anticipation is killing me. o.o
  10. Srsly, I remember this game as being pretty challenging since I've never been able to beat it before. Especially that place with all the stars. I played it a few weeks ago. Beat it in 2 hours. Maybe. 30+ lives. =(
  11. SN: BraD My Brawl FC: 4425-2959-5379 I can only play on weekends though. =\ Regardless, let's see if I can take anyone on without being screwed over by lagggggg.
  12. It would help to have that BSOD error code. On start up when it gives you the [F2 = Setup/ F12 = Boot menu], press F8 and see if it does anything. If I remember correctly, it should bring you to a menu with "Advanced Options". There should be about 10 options to choose from. Near the bottom of the list, there should be an option that pretty much says "Disable auto-restart on system lockup". Choose this option and then from there, if you get BSOD'd again, it should stay on the screen until you reboot. Deliver error code here, plox.
  13. Contricity


    hey guys, today I got fired from my job. I work(ed) at a grocery store where i do the same thing today as i did yesterday and will do tomorrow. Since there was nothing to do but face the shelves and make them look pretty and shit, I go to use the bathroom. It's just a small room with a sink and a toilet; kinda like one you would find at your house minus the shower. Anyways, the piece of shit just wont come out so i get bored and bust out my iPod. I set it on shuffle and just pass up a couple songs. Josie's on a vacation for a week.....(piano intro to the friggn WHEN I WAS song).....yo yo check this out, theres this blind man, right?...oh my god. becky. Nothing rly good comes on yet but the next time i press the skip button, I'm barraged by a picking of an acoustic guitar faster than my mind could register it. I'm rly big into music, being able to play guitar bass and drums and so such a thing really amazed me and its not even 5 seconds into the song. I look down to see what was being forced into my ears and slowly read "Through the fire and flame...DragonForce...Flames...Through The Fire And Flames..." This mustve been one of the songs on the cd my friend gave me of songs to learn to play. Holy shit, no way was i even gonna try to figure out the guitar part. But that doesnt matter. I just sat and listened. By the time the song was over, I had not even noticed that the ball of shit that had clogged my anal orifice minutes before had somehow found its way to rest peacefully at the bottom of the toilet. I was just in pure awe. Dragonforce...what a name...shit, why isnt this the stuff they show on TRL?! Fuck those fuckin rap niggers , Dragonforce will fuckin fuck you the fuck up. fuckin. So I wanted to learn this song and i wanted to learn it now. The guitar lines were way too hard and fast for me; i cant even move my fingers fast enough to fake it. the bass line i could barely hear, mostly drowned out by the guitars. but the drums...THE DRUMS! Thats it! I could just air drum it right now! im already sitting down anyways with nothing to do. So I start the song over at full blast...ohh, that intro will forever send chills down my spine and force my brick-esque shit through my narrow holloways. The toilet seat is fairly low to the ground so i have to put a lot more effort in getting those bass drum hits in, even if i pretend i have a double bass pedal. at about 2 minutes, im starting to get the hang of it but I'm also starting to sweat. alot. Ohh god, i cant wait to friggn show my friends what I learned, theyre goonna be pwnt soo bad! But then here's where it gets bad. I've been in this bathroom for 15 minutes now and apparently, I had forgotten to lock the door. My boss, who is a fairly old lady who has a grand-daughter going into the 7th grade(loliLOL) is on a manhunt for me wondering why the pop coolers hadn't been stocked yet. and so you can probably guess what happened next? she's banging on the door and I hear it but misinterpret it for a snare drum hit and pay no attention to it. and so she walks right on in and is hit at full force by the sweet mixtures of fecal musk and armpit aroma. it appears that the bathroom also lacked a functioning fan or any airvent to the outside world. About 3 minutes into the song and this is all happening and on the pause, I see her out of the corner of my eye. I look to her face and i am met by a look that is somewhere along the lines of shock, horror and pure disgust. i am shocked as well but i didnt know what to do. shit, WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU DO?! the song was stil playing so i friggn just kept going at it. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that she was probably screaming at me, pleading for an explaination for this malarky. but no, go away bitch, im busy. DRAGONFORCE IS FRIGGN AWESOME AND NOTHING WILL FRIGGN STOP ME FROM LEARNING THIS FRIGGN SONG. FRIGGN. Soon she realizes that i can't hear her and wont stop for anything, she just walks out and shuts the door behind her. Finally! Anyways, the second time through was pretty rough and I was too tired to go for a third time in one sitting so i decided to just try again later. between my feet were numerous drops of sweat whereas my shirt was nearly soaked and ass sticking to the toilet seat. I know what just happened was would be pretty embarassing to most people but i didnt care. IT WAS FUCKIN D-D-DRAGONFORCE. Needless to say, upon leaving that bathroom i was immediately paged to go to the upstairs office where I was promptly relieved. she couldnt even look me face to face. all she said was "do I really need to say anything?" and I responded "sure, do it faggot" because i didnt care. IT WAS FUCKIN D-D-DRAGONFORCE. the last thing she said was "just get out of here" and i was gone. most people would be sad, thinking "oh noes, where am i gonna get my money?" or "how will i support the kids?" or even "how the hell am i gonna get another job?" but me? i dont care. IT WAS FUCKIN D-D-DRAGONFORCE. so sup guys?
  14. My first time making an original song. This is how it turned out. I'm the one playing guitar btw.
  15. Keep in mind that this isn't the first time I've posted this. This is probably the 3rd time I've posted this on OCR alone. And yes, I have posted this on /b/ a few times as well. Yes, that was me. I was trying to force a meme. Wait. Is there a possibility that someone else has started posting this too? Heh, that'd be cool if my copypasta got wikichan'd.
  16. Hey guys, just posting to let you know that I have changed my entry. Just thought you should know. Go back one page and take a look and tell me what you think.
  17. Full Frontal Assault by norg, SnappleMan No, srsly don't do it =3 Something more relevant to your interest would be something like: Winds of Time - Rimco The Darkness and the Light - McVaffe
  18. Midnight at Club Corel from FF7:VotL
  19. Ok, I shat a few bricks thinking about this the other night and tell me if I'm wrong but... *SPOILER* The beginning of the movie starts out with Rob screwing around with the camera and Beth and stuff, yadda yadda.. Later that night at the party, Rob asks the cameraguy if he was using a new tape or was overwriting the tape that was already in there. He is clearly disappointed with the answer being the latter. As the movie progresses, there are certain parts where the movie cuts back into footage that was being overwritten. Examples include when they rewind the tape to see the monster after the statue of liberty got own'd, there's the scene where Rob and Beth are on the train. Anyways, the whole movie was an intense ride culminated with a taste of irony at the end with the last footage shows them having a great time with each other about a month before they supposedly die. Great movie, story well played out EXCEPT FOR ONE THING. If I know what I'm talking about here, this could be a major plot hole. Now again, tell me if I'm wrong. In the very beginning of the movie, didn't it say that all this footage was recovered from "an area formerly known as Central Park?" Yes it did. I think they also mentioned that the camera recorded it all on a digital SD Card. I'm curious to know if anyone else has noticed this.
  20. hahaha, when it first came out on SNES, I was about 3-4 and crazy addicted to it. Then one day at the park, I slid down a slide headfirst into an unsuspecting little girl standing at the bottom. I frikken thought I was Raiden lol. Needless to say, she was prolly scarred for life from that incident and I got my ass whooped that night lol. Now that I think back on it, that was the first girl i ever truly loved...nah, jk
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