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  1. so, even the most basic card is a huge increase over integrated graphics, and makes a big difference in performance. the 8400 isn't the even the most basic card available.

    This is what i thought too... but like I said either im retarded, or the 8400 really made things worse (which it did)

    Ill post some specs of my hardware in a bit.

  2. Right so PCI is super old.. Funny thing is I thought my computer is still semi new.. but then I thought about it and its nearly 5 years old..

    Maybe im asking too much in the wrong place but, How much work (time & money) would it be to buy a new Motherboard with PCIe?

  3. Time for a thread bump.


    So a few days back I posted in the SC2 thread My comp might not be able to handle SC2. well it wont.

    I was hoping you could help me out. I bought this card.


    and it just made my computer way worse...

    Maybe Im just doing it wrong I dont know, If I am doing something wrong what could it be.. followed the instructions so I dont know.

    If the card is just lame then could you help me get better one?

    I just need/want it to run sc2 without lag.

    Perhaps you have one laying around you would sell?

    Any help is appreciated.

  4. Man I miss when DDR was big. I'm glad I got to experience it at it's peak. I need to get some friends together to make an outing of it again soon

    this... I would play for 6 hours no joke... we would play like three sets of three then chill on some virtual on or F-Zero Ax..then go back and play more..

    We had spent so much time there the employees would let us in for free sometimes..

  5. So what you're saying is that Donkey Kong Country Returns is actually based on a completely unrelated Japanese game that got renamed and had the sprites of the main characters replaced by Donkey Kong & friends for the US/EU release?

    (I really do hope you get this reference or I will look very stupid)

    doki doki panic...

    No, he said that be like mario without Koopas or Gombas..

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