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  1. Well you could start with lynrd Skynrd, Its a bit more southern rock, but they got some great stuff thats a bit more country/ blues

    Lynrd Skynrd

    Ballad of Curtis lowe

    But a bit more traditional County

    here are some newer guys Such as

    Zac Brown Band

    Chicken Fried

    Justin Moore

    Jake Owen

    Josh Thompson

    Jason Aldean

    This I Gotta See

    Braid Paisley

    these next few kinda have an outlaw feel

    Blake Shelton

    Ol` Red

    Braid Paisley


    Toby Keith

    I got more.

  2. Thanks for this, this is helpin me study for a test tomorrow Im really diggin the cover art.

    Liked, and ill prob donate when Im done reading.

    EDIT: not done reading but still listinin.. Man I really liked the ambiance (if thats the right word) of the last track)

    and donated as well thanks again

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