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  1. I totally called this a few months back when some friends were talking about halo reach being the last halo game. There going to remake Halo 1, then Halo 2 both with updated multi-player and visuals. Then Make a Halo box set with 1,2,3 then a Mega Boxset with 1,2,3, reach and some DVD-bluray-hd-holodisc crap extra features video.

    its what all good game companies do.


    Dead Space!

    The Barbarian Way - a book by an author I respect!

    A wicked little folding knife!

    Thanks to my SS, nice mix of stuff! I will be utilizing them all for sure!

    Glad you like it. I was a bit worried about the knife shipping to Canada. Amazon would not allow it, so I had to ship them all to me then to you. Glad it finally got there.

  3. I echo this sentiment. Though my posting come and goes in spurts, and though after over six years I'm still very unknown, OCR is by far the most cohesive and self-sustaining communities I've joined. Many forums have come and gone for me over the years, but OCR is something else. ^_^

    I'm especially happy that I managed to get just enough time off to fly home to be with my family for Christmas. Though my time in Portland is finite and due to end in just a hair over two months, I can't wait to get home for good.

    Portland is weird.

    and just Oregon in general.

    merry christmas

  4. So Burnout Paradise is on sale for a whopping 5 bucks. I was tempted to get it last year... is it worth the $5? I've played Burnout 3 on console and from what I remember I liked it. I have a PS3 controller that I would probably use to control it if I don't like the keyboard controls.

    Its burnout. for 5 bucks you cant go wrong, plus it is the ultimate pack, so it comes with a lot of good dlc ( I think) I paid 20 bucks for it, then sold it. But I wanted to play it so bad I bought it again on the PSN. Its good fun. Totally worth the full price.

  5. I love the first film, "warts and all", and was thoroughly entertained by this one. One of my favorite movies this year. Could it have been better? Honestly, and realistically, what film couldn't use improvement?

    lord of the rings

  6. Yea, They released it way too early. At least they are still working on it instead of abandoning it.

    By the way, does anyone still play it? Is it fun at least?

    I quit.. I need to cancel payment. It really is slow. and kinda sucks. not engaging at. all. Im disappointed. I might pick it back up in a few months if they make some major changes, but thats doubtful.

  7. The trick is writing thoughtful reviews. I could gush about how awesome everything is until the cows come home. I need to actually think of good things to say. Like how awesome everything is! Yeah, that's it.

    this, I am sure the artists are going to appreciate good constructive criticism better than mindless praise

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