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  1. I would LOVE a DKC2 remix project, so you've got my best wishes for the project. Let it be true!
  2. The answer to your problem is really very simple. The MIDI-specs define this thing called a Program Change. (Often called Patches, at least when dealing with GM or soundfonts). Most midi-keyboards already have buttons to select various the various programs (instruments) available, and FL responds to that out of the box, no extra automation or mapping is needed. If your keyboard is programmable, you will probably be able to make the buttons send program changes to predefined programs as well, so that you won't have to go through several programs to find the one you want. wow, I hadn't realised before, but what you're saying is true. It works a bit awkwardly ( I have 10 selection buttons and they work as 4 only), but it works. thx!
  3. I know how to split by using the layer thingy, but it's not what I'm looking for. What I want to do is to be able to switch between instruments by just pressing a button in my keyboard. I've seen people do it in live performances, and it should be feasible, I mena, the buttons generate a midi CC signal, but the thing is that instrument selection doesn't seem to be automatable nor mappable in FL nor Reason...
  4. Is there any way of controlling which instrument is being played by my midi controller with some selection buttons on the front of my controller? This is so that I can quickly change, from example, from strings to piano and not having to go get the mouse and aim at the midi in selector in a live performance.... PD:yay goomba ^^
  5. Is there any way of controlling which instrument is being played by my midi controller with some selection buttons on the front of my controller? This is so that I can quickly change, from example, from strings to piano and not having to go get the mouse and aim at the midi in selector in a live performance....
  6. love it. I actually played this on Stepmania with some awesome steps before I realised this song was on OCRemix XD. Love the Daft Punk feel, being a DP fan. Keep up the good work!
  7. Yeah, yer gonna have a harder time at it than a kid would. It's a pretty difficult instrument. But don't let that discourage you if you're serious. It's considered by some the most difficult instrument to master and when beginning, it takes time to be able to play even the simplest of things
  8. I can't seem to find that plugin in Tobybear's site nor in KvR. What I managed to find is a plugin called cc mapper but it's only available as a bundled plugin in Minihost. Is it the same plugin?
  9. my "keyboard" is a casio privia, whose cc channels i had to find out by myself because the casio people haven't a clue as to the workings of their keyboards. Sorry for the weird style, but it just came out of me
  10. Ok just tried the MFX wrapper and FL Studio doesn't even recognise it as a VST, so crap. Do you know of any VST/DX thingy that will allow me to map a CCxx from my midi input device to a CCyy (where xx and yy are channel numbers ). For example when I play a key instead of sending the "velocity" signal, sending for example the "pitch wheel" signal or controlling a filter cutoff and such.
  11. Ok ppl I really need ur help. I found a plugin that would be really useful for me and fits like a glove in my current project, but it's a MFX plugin and I'm currently using FL Studio. Is there any possible way to use it? Wrapper? Convertor?
  12. try moving the plugins to the steinberg/vst plugins directory
  13. I was really hoping someone would start up the Music Theory 101 thread again' date=' but no one did [/quote'] I second that
  14. OK, this shouldn't actually go in this thread, but since I'm having the problem while using FL Studio, I'll just post it here. I recently ( 2 days ago ) bought a brand new E-MU 0404 at the Sam Ash Music Store in Miami, and I'm really pleased with its overall performance. However, I can't seem to understand how to use the Patchmix DSP (which supposedly yields 0% CPU use when adding effects ). I've loaded the E-MU POWERFX as a VST Effects plugin in a channel and routed a synth through this channel, but when I do there's a substantial lag between the moment when I press the key in my synth and the moment I hear it in the output. I've configured the E-MU ASIO driver for a latency of 19 ms but when I do this I'd say the latency doubles or triples. Any tips on how to correct this, if possible? I haven't tried the VST in any other VST-supporting sampler cuz I don't have any.
  15. It's nice to see a fellow southamerican posting in OCRemix, thought I was alone down here... I have to agree with you on the price thing. Most of the times, software is extremely expensive in South american economical terms, especially sound desgn software like Reason & FLStudio. I always like to compare prices in terms of McDonald's combos, the universal currency, and if you do some simple maths you'll realise the huge amount of money these appz cost. As to free software, I'd recommend Noteworthy composer, nice cheap thingy
  16. wow, that sound klicks ass!! It's got a funky-circus feeling to it. *opens FL, gets busy*
  17. when you speak about an outline, what are you referring to specifically? Is it some chord progressions or the different parts the song will be comprised of? Or sth else?
  18. i tried the homepages of the two stores and neither of them have a product list, so i won't know if they have it until I'm there, and that's just too risky. I was wondering if there are any good stores located in malls ( like sawgrass mills, etc) that might have this soundcard??
  19. i like it, imo a good funkycontrapunctual bass would make it beautiful maybe talk with pixietricks for some vocals, she sounds great in the Chrono Symphonic album...
  20. i'm sorry to bring back this topic, but i'm going to the USA on april for a week with my family and was thinking of buying my long awaited and craved for EMU 0404. I'll be staying in Miami for 4 days and then in Washington DC for 4 days as well. The problem is that i've been googling for hours on end and i can't find a single store that sells it in Miami or DC. I've literally scanned the directory listings of shopping malls and have found nothing. I'm starting to get a little desperate because it's my only chance of getting a decent soundcard in a long time cuz i dont think ill be returning very soon... plz help me, any suggestions or just anything
  21. or try reading a book, it sometimes works. in some scenes i can even imagine the mood and the ambiance and this kicks up the creative bug inside of me
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