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  1. Wow, I love this remix. Not a big fan of jazz remixes, but RTF does it well. Totally turned the glum dungeon-y music upside down and made it very relaxing. Oh man, and the piano around the 2:15 mark is soooo good.
  2. LOVE this remix; it's just so badass and stuff. It reminds me of Nine Inch Nails (the only frame of reference I have for this song, really). I keep wanting to call it "CloserToKefka" or something, hehe.
  3. Sweet god, this is great! I love the beginning. Soooo pretty sounding. Great dynamics overall too. Edit: I'd like to add that I can't stop listening to this remix now and that the 16th note clusters make me crap my pants with joy (especially at 1:36 for some reason). Thank you.
  4. This remix is AWESOME. Can't get enough of it. Um...I love the xylo (as well as the cello, but that's been mentioned). The cello reminds me of "Elenor Rigby" by the Beetles. I don't know if that was an influence or not, because that's just another song I've come across recently. But whatever the case, as a whole, it's a great mellow track!
  5. Wow, I agree with everyone else; this album is soooo great! My favorite is Adhesive Boy's mix. I also find myself drawn to Protricity's mixes. (I love the "happy" sound to Mine Cart Misadventure.) Also, Echoes is a really great techno mix sort of thing (electronica?). Love the part with the sax! Oh yeah, and if there's going to be an Earthworm Jim remix project, someone please do "The Flyin' King" from EWJ2. Heh, the funny thing is that I was just thinking about EWJ a few weeks ago. Awesome!
  6. Hey, cool ReMix! Did anyone notice it kind of sounds like the music for the Mog Arcade game at Gold Saucer too? (Especially the part around 1:15)
  7. I like it. Especially the beginning (not the fading in, but the music itself) and also when it repeats. It's funky and cool and stuff! I agree with the drums being teh awesome as well.
  8. This song is great! It's so happy but makes me want to cry too. Kind of weird, huh? It's happy-wistful I guess. (Like at the part around 1:45...) World's tiniest violin indeed... Edit: I'm talking about the Zelda's Lullaby part.
  9. Swankity swank! I've had this OC ReMix for a while now, but haven't reviewed it. It's great; it keeps the original intact but makes it even happier and more varied. The ending is my favorite, kinda sounds Zelda-ish in a way, because of the instruments at least.
  10. Wee! I like this! I don't think it sounds very ska at all though. As a result, I don't think the ReMix name is good either (plus I'm not fond of ska...). Anyway, I still like this! It's a great adaptation of the original; it kinda reminds me of those live or orchestrated Mario themes on OCG1 and game radio stations. It sounds like music that would play at a celebration and puts you in a good mood. XD
  11. This ReMix is so great! First it's very bass-y (like Nine Inch Nails or something!). Then the middle of the song sounds very peaceful (there is just something that is very gratifying about that part of the song). That was quickly followed up by a soundclip of flames, which was also very cool. And then the song resolves itself really well. The entire song just reminds me of Aeris; it actually represents what happens to her if you think about... really good ReMix!
  12. I like it! It's calm, but it's also techno, how did you do that?
  13. Just wanted to say that while I didn't like it at first (I thought it had too much ornamentation, but I was being skeptical), I do now! It's very addictive. I think I can hear all of the sources too. The guitar at the beginning actually doesn't remind me of Trigun, but more commercial rock. The bass does, however. I also agree with the person that said it sounds very Xenogears Creid-ish; I think that's the bass in the background too. That's one of the best parts of the song, but everything is just really good, especially "Jethro the flute". I think the ending is okay. It kind of reminds me of "Palm" from the Grandia OST. Great job!
  14. Wo0t! Ristar was so cool! Too bad not a lot of people know about it... Anywho, I dl'ed this song because I actually had the original stuck in my head. It's so great. I like the feeling of this song a lot too, it definitely feels underwater-y and peaceful, but it skips the "chorus" of the original if I'm thinking of the same underwater level. (That's hardly a complaint though, as you don't have to use 100% of the source material.) Still, I agree with everyone; the instrument used for the melody is very fitting for both the original and the techno style of the song. I also made a DWI for this song because it's so cool. ^^; Good Remix!
  15. I really like this one too. It's happy, so it's not like other techno-ish songs, and the instruments themselves sound really cool and different. An example of this would be the beginning, with those parts that have kind of a bass-y synthesizer-like instrument playing in the background. Excellent ReMix!
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