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  1. Cheesy, Flimsy??!!?? I couldn't disagree with Mikeuppercut more. This song has become my favorite OCRemix song for the last year (at least!). Game Over is original (well, as original as you can be while remixing) and has put a lot of thought into the theme of their lyrics. I don't see a whole lot of remixers using original lyrics in their work, so I give Game Over a 10 out of 10 (again and again).
  2. I'm at a loss. I actually don't know what to say. Um.....Awesome!! Um..This rocks!! Um..I want more. Go GameOver. After hearing that this band was from Sweden, I expected to hear lryics in Swedish. When I heard Timo (the lead singer) singing in english, I knew immediately that this would become one of my top 5 songs. I'm feeling much like djpretzel must've when he had to come up with an opening review for this track. If you haven't already, head over to www.nintendometal.com and buy their demo disc. This stuff is amazing
  3. Seriously, this track is well played, but when the song hit the "Bloody Tears" theme at 2:36 I couldn't stop playing the air guitar. "Bloody Tears" has always been my favorite Simon's Quest theme ever since I first played the game in the late 80's. Kudos to the Minibosses, and I would love to hear more.
  4. I most deffinately have to agree with bummerdude......I have been known to hit repeat on winamp and listen to this song several times before moving on to other songs. As usual, great work Amievil
  5. Okay, seriously a a great tune. When you kicked in some harmonizing vocals, that was great, but it was like a tease. Once i heard a little bit, I wanted more. It would be great if someone wrote some rock lyrics to this tune also. Even though they're both great comps, this one is much closer to the original theme of Terra than Ailsean's 'Terra In Black'. That's what put this over the top for me. Great song.
  6. Seriously, if they made a movie for Breath Of Fire, this could be the overture. Awsome piece. I love how smoothly each section trasects with another.
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