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  1. I'm curious. Which remixes did you listen to? I'm sure I can show you to some good ones; I know the site really well, as I'm a long-time member. Listen to this gem. It'll turn your opinion around in no time!
  2. This sounds like it belongs in a Castlevania anime. I'm serious, awesome stuff.
  3. Beautiful. I get this stuck in my head, but it makes me happy. Slightly repetitive, but in a good way.
  4. Hey, kids! I'm RandomDragoonKain, but I'm fine just being called Random, Kain, or RDK. Anything works, just don't call me late for dinner, or I'll cut you. D= I've been going to the site for a few years now, and I just now decided to stop being lazy and sign up for the forums. I can't promise that I'll be active, but I'll sure try. Yep...sure...try... I'm a Nintendo fanboy-girl at heart, though I also enjoy Sega and Squeenix. My favorite consoles are the NES, SNES, and Sega Genisis. I've played flute since I was ten, though I'm still not very good at it. I really want to remix something. I always get ideas, but I have no means by which to figure out the notes or produce it. So blah. There's my boring introduction, time to start tearing up OCRemix with my posts of awesomeness...or something like that.
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