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  1. UPDATE: Made it more rock-ish. Some very minor tweeking needed, but I'm about there.
  2. Touched some things up, and relocated the file. Now being hosted on my website. First post has link.
  3. Do you have any examples of the sound you're looking for? Just so I can get a better idea.
  4. UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/ilfa Hopefully I addressed some of the issues. I added another wub and started structuring the wubs more. Also added subbass and fixed the main wub to be more crunchy.
  5. UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/aoda Added the bass drop and fiddled with it more.
  6. Here is an (attempted) dubstep remix of Lyll's Dungeon from the game Legacy of the Wizard. Source: Remix: http://electricconcerto.com/music/legacydubstep2.mp3 (Update 3) This is my first attempt at creating dubstep, so any help from those experienced dubstep ReMixers would be so awesome. Any feedback, in fact, would be awesome. Thanks!
  7. I have an update ready, so if that's it for the mod review, may I change it back and post it?
  8. Source: Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/mpfy I wanted to make a club remix, and I really get a kick out of the source. I couldn't find a sample of the hook synth, so I tried my best to recreate it using Massive. Any feedback is appreciated!
  9. Source: FTFY Hmmm.. Sounds too much like a cover. Try varying up the melody, perhaps throw in some original content. Production wise, sounds clean, but the synths are too vast in volume. Try to even those out, while keeping the important ones in front. Look forward to hearing more.
  10. UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/aucx Lots of changes, hope I got all the problems fixed.
  11. Production aside, this is a very well done arrangement. Only complaint I have is the bass in some places is compositionally off, like bad notes (1:26). Other than that, I can't wait to hear how this comes out!
  12. I'm interested in hearing any suggestions you might have. I think I understand what you mean, though. Lol, only because I can't find a pre-amp that doesn't make those leads sound like garbage. Do you know of any VSTs I might be able to look into?
  13. Sorry about the long wait, but here's an update. Feedback welcome as always! http://tindeck.com/listen/xglp
  14. Sorry, I was being out of character, been a bad day for me. Let me post what I would NORMALLY post to what you said. My type in music is all types, all preferences. I do not stick to any one genre or style, so you cannot hold that against me. I love all music, listen to all types music, but I am only best at making trance, though I'm trying to fix that. What I was referring to about the piano was the EQing. It had a low sample quality to it and therefore had a piercing frequency to me. THAT is what I was complaining about. I LOVE the sound of an e-piano, just not that particular one... I've been in the music business since I was 5. I'm now 27. You do the math. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I'm definintly no noob. The reason I made it seem like I was "unsure" was to leave room for personal interpretation. I want you to think you came up with the idea. I'm not here to get famous, I'm here to listen to good remixes of my favorite VG songs. No offence.
  15. OMG-MY-EARS!!! That e-piano at the beginning has GOT to go/change/SOMEthing! And why does it sound like all you did with the drums is stereo separation? Try putting some drums on one side of the stereo spectrum and some drums on the other side. This song could use some variations. It sounds like the same instruments all the way through. I know it really isn't, but it has that feel. More... dynamics? More drums fills plz. Overall, a kinda boring song IMO. I would love to see excitement in this, as I hear a ton of potential. Have a sax go crazy after the retro synth solo or something. Give it JUICE!
  16. Hmmm. Seems as though I'm not getting your email... Try PMing me your email.
  17. Reason for the whole e-mailing bit is so I have means to communicate with you. If you could, please send links of any specific songs (2 of them) to the e-mail I provided. Like I said, the e-mail is crucial.
  18. By all means, if you think a remixer is awesome enough, ask them to join! Be sure, though, to let me know so that I may see if it's someone worth inviting, if you know what I mean. And casual Fridays sounds like a good idea. As far as the reason this project went downhill last time was lack of communication from everyone. Then I started school and 0 progress happened. I'm graduated now and I insist that everyone emails me so that we don't lose communication again.
  19. For now, let us recruit. If you want to design a forum bar for the project, send me some samples via email or PM.
  20. What I meant was that a lot of people like the battle songs more than the rest, except maybe the ship overworld themes. So maybe the project will focus on those themes and the album name might change to "Etude of Sky Battles" or something like that. We'll see how it goes, but if it doesn't change, Solar Serenade and Sailors Serenade aren't from the same game, so OCR would still accept it.
  21. If that's what they want, although Fishy was invited. His guitar work is on this site if you want to hear his. Well, the name is subject to change, as I've been coming up with new theme ideas. Thanks for the luck.
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