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  1. Yeah, I am using ableton, so I have Operator and I have Massive as well. Will probably start trying to recreate it tomorrow.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if they can help me make this Synth sound or find a synth sound. Really looking for the 'genesis'y type synth lead used in the classic levels from Sonic Generations Any help would be appreciated Heres a youtube clip of one of the songs so kinda get the idea if you dont know what am I on about. http://youtu.be/9Y29qU2edNI?t=2m11s
  3. At the moment all this sounds like is a straight MIDI with new instruments. It needs to be structured into something new and original because at the moment its still sounds like a loop and not a track. The instruments used as well sound very ordinary and don't mix very well with each other, try picking a certain style and try and get good instruments to fit that style. I would also say that its rather difficult to try and create something new and original when you already have structured the song out just like the original, try taking the lead part or bass track and play around with stuff over the top, you never know what you might create! Also, are you wanting to remix Wing Fortress or Flying Battery, the name of this thread is confusing.
  4. Thanks for the quality feedback , I shall try and take everything into account. And my DAW is Ableton Live at the moment
  5. Thanks for the feedback! And more variation in the percussion, or overall?
  6. MK IV *UPDATED* So here it is, another new version in the space of a day! I currently can;t get this song out of my head, so I thought why not mix it while I still love it. As you can hear I have changed a few things since my last version and I also played around with the bass a little in this one. In my opinion I see this as nearly finished now, unless you guys can think of anything I need to change. Anyway, I would love to hear anyone's feedback, so ENJOY! *Edit*, fixed the bass up a bit and did some more EQing
  7. The weird thing about this to me is, the end part sounds really smooth and full sounding, yet the beginning which is nearly the same sounds really thin and is lacking something, I think it maybe the drum pattern. To me I think you need to fill out the sound a little more, get some chords in there maybe, because the lead, bass and drums at the beginning just sounds quite flat at the minute and not as thick sounding as say 1:24. I still think the glitch sounds are a little out of sync and still clash a little with whats going on, but that may just be me. Other than that I like where this is going
  8. Just seen this now. I would love to do that Warp Room theme but looks like someone beat me to it In that case, Would I be able to do the bonus theme? I am thinking of a 4 genre cross to cover all the bonus areas haha
  9. hahaha, I usually try and find a song to inspire me before I start because if I don't have like a basis whatever I make just sounds like a mess. I have done that a few weeks It gets easier after you have done a few though.
  10. Its about taking part, not winning . Just go for it! Plus its a great way to see how you have improved. My first entries were horrible, and its nice to see some form of development
  11. , I never knew OHC had its own thread on here! I am sleeping during the day on Thursday so I can listen to all the tracks without having to sleep this time. Work can take a backseat this week
  12. MK III Changes: Added own solo part during main theme. Made a little longer. Removed New Bark Town theme at start and ending all together. Changed some synths Brought forward Lead and Orchestra a little. I think the arrangement is done now I think, Unless you guys think its too short or doesn't have enough personal style, or if the solo doesn't fit. Also, the production isn't the best I don't think, I am still only beginning in the production side, so if you guys tell me what I have done right in this mix and what isn't so great that would be fantastic . I really wanna get the best mix possible out of this song as I believe its come along really nicely. TL;DR Feedback on arrangement and production will be extremely helpful! Then again, any feedback would be **EDIT** I forgot to change the bass in this mix, To my ears its seems to work with the new improv bit, but I guess you guys can tell me whether it still needs changing or not.
  13. Yeah, I realised this a few days ago haha. Completely accidental :')
  14. Yeah, I am having a bit of difficulty with the bass at the moment, just can't quite find the right bass line to fit the melody, I will keep playing around with it and see what I can create . So bass to be improved it seems. Think I may remove the end then, I was also thinking to myself the wind gives it a rather dark sound, whereas the song is quite chirpy. I may change the wind sample to a more happier sound. I shall start adding to it now then I guess haha, might make it a little longer as well . And with the intro I was going for the style that whenever you leave an area in Pokemon the last areas sound fades out and the new one begins. But if it doesn't fit in with the song I;ve made I shall take it out . Think this sums up most things then, and thanks a lot for all the feedback guys! I shall begin MK. III sometime tonight!
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