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  1. Only people left to decide on a track is Strike911, beckett007, and DZComposer.
  2. You got it! Everyone else without a chosen track, there's only 8 more days to pick! Please!
  3. As far as the Tales series goes, Symphonia is the first one for me and the one that got me interested. At first I was shocked by the semi-action RPG gameplay, but then I quickly learned to enjoy it. I'm probably going to remain only loyal to Symphonia tho, I never could find interest in any of the other ones... So I'm going to spend money I don't really have... Damn economy...
  4. They're not labeling this as a sequal tho.. More of a knockoff title. It's still succeeding the original...
  5. I dunno if this topic has been started already, but I saw no sign of it when I did a site search... Anyway, I finally beat the GC Tales of Symphonia and was left a bit in the dark about some things. Now I'm reading previews of the new TOS game and now I'm shocked. I don't want to spoil anything about the original, but the deal with Lloyd is plain shocking in the new game... I definitely am going to buy this game, even though I dunno how the Wii thing is going to work. I was hoping for some similarities between the original and the new as far as gameplay goes, but oh well. Your thoughts?
  6. Sorry about my website... Server should be back up by next Friday...
  7. This was awesome! Poor Snake, lol.
  8. I also noticed that Paistol's Theme and Doc/Maria's Theme is also missing. I'm going to try to rip those songs from the game. Dark Rift was added to the source page on the website.
  9. Actually, only about 30% of the ReMixer's on this site got invites, and that's less than I actually wanted to invite. 80% of the PMs were ReMixers whose music I enjoy to listen to, and the other 20% were recommended to me by other Project members. Just some FYI.
  10. I've made a slight change in plan. November 1st is not the first WIP deadline, but rather the recruitment deadline as well as the track decision deadline. So recruitment will be closed and ReMixers of the project must decide on a track or tracks on or before the 1st of November. The sooner the better. Please and thank you!
  11. I'd love to have any and all who love this game to participate! My deadlines might be close together at one per month, but the quality of each version is lax. My deadlines were designed to help those who are busy with everything else.
  12. Alright, no public WIPs. However, I definitely like the idea of 1 or 2 preview tracks released, say, halfway or 3/4 through. Maybe not the full track, but like 30 seconds of a voted track. This way, people can hear a taste of it and yet can still be surprised when the full track is released.
  13. That's kinda the idea I was thinking. Besides, with a lot of OCReMixers joining up, the critiquing should be good enough within the circle.
  14. Here's a question about WIPs: Should they be made public? An advantage to this is a greater group for suggestions. A disadvantage would be no element of surprise, making the album release less exciting.
  15. Haha, I find it ironic that I'm actually picking this game up and playing it again. This also helps me figure out in what parts of the game the music can be heard.
  16. lol, ReMixer then, I stand corrected. I guess I should use OCR's official language
  17. Seeings how those 4 songs aren't on the official OST (the 2 CD album), those will be considered bonus tracks. I'm curious to see how those play out!
  18. I dunno... Transformers was almost nothing like the original anime, all modernized and whatnot. Yet, the movie was freaken awesome!
  19. Jesus, what a waste... They had something epic to use and they freaken ruined... I'm still going to go watch it tho.
  20. I believe to get quality, time is of essence. Therefore, if it takes longer than a year (my predicted timeline), but the quality of music is better because the ReMixers aren't rushed, then I think that it's much better that way.
  21. Looks like this project is off to a good start! I can't wait to hear the variety that you guy's come up with!
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