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  1. Ezio's Family is my favorite song from the Ezio trilogy and quite possibly the series as a whole and you have a great start there. I don't know if it's quite what you are looking for but on youtube they have a bunch of videos that have Family and Venice Rooftops syncing up amazingly. Look for one that says (Perfect Sync) to get the full effect. I sincerely hope you continue this.
  2. I really like this song because it gives a different feel to the song. It gave it a more sad feeling. and makes you think of Frog's origins. The remix touched on both the heroic knight that Frog is and also the amount of tragedy he has seen in his life like the death of Cyrus his friend and mentor, his own transformation and the descending of his beloved Guardia into war with Magus. I may be overanalyzing but I don't care I love the song.
  3. To truly appreciate it I had to turn my speakers up a lot louder than I usually do but now that I can hear it clearly ( ), this is a great mix. It didn't hit me with the impact that 'Terra In Black' did and I think that is still my favorite Terra theme. But it is still a great mix and it is very inspiring and very cool that a composer of his caliber notices "little old" OCR.
  4. I am not sure if this is quite the right place for this but it goes under "Appreciating the Song" so anyway. Shortly after I first heard this piece I "showed" it to my friends and my Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons was one of them. He listened to the whole thing, asked where I got it and got a strange look on his face but I didn't think anything of it at the time. A few days ago we had a funeral for one of the characters because the guy who was playing him is moving away. My DM pulled out this CD and put it in a stereo and when we got to the eulogy he played that song and just hit repeat. I swear to God, everyone, including me (who had listened to the song a bunch of times before) had tears in their eyes. It was just the perfect song, so full of emotion and sadness and yet full of hope. Well just wanted to throw in my two cents.
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